Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was in quite the rush last Thursday night when I posted the baby photos of Lucas, as I had both Survivor AND The Office to watch before I went to bed. I realized today that I forgot a few funny tid bits that I could have added to the entry. So here they are:

Hans told us that the hospital had him sign a form saying that he would not touch any of the medical equipment during their stay. Isn't that interesting? All I have to say is that it's a good thing John didn't have to sign one of those for my hospital stay. After my surgery I had to wear these calf covers that would fill up with air (and then deflate) to prevent blood clots. Since I had to go to the bathroom like every 20 mins John would unhook me from the machine and then hook me back. There is no way I could have had an attentive nurse help like that. Steph also told me that she had to wear those too. She said they didn't bug her too much, but they totally kept me a awake. Or maybe Steph is just tougher than I am.

At one point when we were taking photos I totally felt like a celeb who gets hounded by the paparazzi! When I was posing w/ Steph, Hans, John and Steph's mom were all taking photos! It's a good thing I brushed my teeth before we went to visit them.

Also, one of the first things Hans said to his new son was "Luke…I am your father." Let me just say that I am so thankful that Hans thought about that before John did!

Note: The Drexlers decided on spelling the name Lucas! It was interesting to hear what you all thought! Thanks for leaving the comments!

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