Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Game on!

I've finally had some time to upload some of the Wii videos we took two weekends ago when The Pousts came to visit. I hope you enjoy them! (Yes that is Jay-Z in the background).

Here is John and Poust boxing:

Here is John and Sumiko playing tennis:

Here is Sumiko and myself playing tennis:

Here we are again where I was unaware that I had served the ball. Actually Sumiko was more unaware!

Here is a sweet rally we had. Near the end I decided to mix it up and have my net player hit the ball. As you can tell from Sumiko's expression she wasn't ready for it! Don't worry though, she did beat me!

We took quite a few bowling videos, but this one was the most interesting to me. NOT because it IS OF ME either. (Yes I changed my shirt...I totally worked up a sweat!)


Sarah said...

Sweet! Where's the golf video?

Sarah said...

That makes me want to get a wii :)