Monday, October 15, 2007

Times a Tickin'

Can you tell what time it is? (There was supposed to be a photo of all my travel sized toiletries, at the top of this entry, but was too lazy to take the photo).

The days are getting closer and closer until we are in Belize! I really can’t Belize it. I think I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to let it really soak in. I’ve started to pack but the kitchen sink really won’t fit in my bag. I don’t know what the deal is! Why is it so hard for me to pack light? I can’t help it if I need to look cute at ALL TIMES. Ok, so I don’t really need to look cute all the time. I plan on roughing it, and am even considering leaving my make up at home! The horror, the horror!!! As long as none of you out there are planning on being in Central America next week then I really don’t think I have anything to worry about. I mean I’ve been makeup-less in our Christmas cards the last two years, so why would I want to break that awesome tradition?

I also finished my co-workers website last week. Here is the link if you want to check it out: She is a watercolor artist and is really talented. For my payment she has agreed to swap services and paint a portrait of John and I! How exciting is that? I really have no idea what photo I would like her to recreate...but I don’t really think this one would be appropriate. (Those are pirate faces by the way).

We were thinking of taking a classic painting and having her paint our faces on the bodies of the people in the artwork….such as American Gothic.

Now that I look at the image, I'm not too sure... her clothes are pretty prudish...hmmm...that’s not really my taste…maybe I could also have her paint a sequined halter on her or something... plus a boa. We could have her swap out that house with a photo of our house, that might be neat.

Anyway… I need YOUR help. Please give me any good ideas of what we could do for our portrait. I’m hoping we will get a good photo of us next week, but you never know. All suggestions welcomed!

Note: My friend Molly just started her own blog! Check it out and make sure to leave her a comment!


Mauleigh said...

I guess the pressures on!!

Um, in the one photo you're all dressed up and ready to get married and John looks like he just got back from the game. Hmmm.

For your painting - Maybe you and John doing something active, becuause you're always doing something.

Katy said...

I like the idea about the painting. I think it would be so cool to personalize it, but at the same time keep the look of the famous painting. You are so lucky! What a great swap.