Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lucas or Lukas?

Meet Lucas/Lukas Heinz Drexler!!! Born on 10-10-07 weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 18 inches long.

John and I were lucky enough to get to pay the Drexler family a visit tonight, and let me say that Lucas/Lukas is SO cute!! I'm sure it helped that he did not take a trip down the birth canal, ya know what I'm sayin'?

Hans and Steph informed us that they have yet to decide on the spelling of the name. I was first spelling it with a 'k' and it wasn't until tonight when they said something about the spelling that I realized why I kept thinking I had mis-spelt it! I guess all the baby's paper work still has a blank for his name...but they are supposed to decide tonight how to spell it.

It was so great to see how happy and proud the new parents are. Steph seems to be doing SO great considering she just had surgery. I was really impressed. Especially since after my surgery I could barely move for a week AND was on vicodin for a week. (She took vicodin for a day.)

It was so exciting to finally meet Lucas and see him in person. He seriously melted my heart. Steph is my first close friend, that lives in the same area, to have a baby. I feel so lucky, and also sad for her friends and family who do not live in the area.

I did learn a few things for all those future mother's to be. They are as follows:

1. Make sure there is someone at the hospital with you, with a cell phone that people know they can call for updates. It was killing me all day not knowing what was going on, and I didn't want to call Steph or Hans in fear that I would be bugging them. (I should have gotten her mom's cell phone number).

2. Steph and Hans decided to wait and tell peeps the name of the baby. At first I was not happy about this, but now I'm glad they did. Since we already knew the sex of the baby this allowed for there still to be surprise after he was born.

3. If you (the preggers woman), can personally call your family/friends with the news that you are either going to the hospital or that the baby was born, I HIGHLY suggest it. Steph called me for both things and it was much more special hearing it from her.

I guess I should stop rambling eh? I'm sure you just want to see more of the cutie!

The happy family!


Judy said...

I vote for "Lukas", just b/c it
is different.

That is a really cute baby! There's nothing like a trip down the birth canal to give a baby
a bad hair day!

Thanks for the photos!

Sarah said...

Absolutely adorable either way you spell his name!

bossylucy75 said...

What a little love!

jenna said...

awww, so sweet. And you look pretty natural with the baby, Amber. For the record, I like Lucas better, but I don't think the parents really care what I think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making Lucas so famous:)
He can't wait to see you and John again!!!!

Steph, Hans and Lucas