Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Time has Come!

Steph is in labor as I type this!! How exciting! She went into the hospital this morning and the doctor broke her water around 6pm. I guess after she had her first contraction, (after the water being broken), Hans said 'It's a whole different ball game.' That quote better make it into the baby book!

I guess her mom, aunt and sister all made it down from the bay area as well. It was killing me all day not knowing what was going on. I thought about calling one of their cell phones, but I didn't want to bug them. So I called another friend of Steph's instead. She was was actually thinking the same thing about calling them, but she finally did at 6pm and then I got my update.

I'm praying that everything goes smoothly with the delivery and hopefully I'll get to meet him tomorrow night. My batteries are charged!

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