Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gimmie Some Candy!

So I am officially depressed that my vacation is over. It hit me last night after work and I was in a total funk! How can this be with Halloween, (one of my fave holidays), being TOMORROW? I know tomorrow night is going to be GREAT, so hopefully it will change my mood.

In spirit of Halloween, I will share with you a summary of what happened last year. I know this may be a repeater for most of you, but hopefully it will make you laugh again. The neighborhood kids better not let me done this year. Although Lucas will be coming over as a pea pod, so if the kids aren't entertaining, at least I will have a cute photo to post!

So last year I put together a costume in 2 days inspired by a wig that my sister-in-law Molly let me borrow. I called myself a crazy housewife… not sure if the kiddies bought it or not. I drove home as fast as I could last night to get ready, because I was putting white make up on my face and had no idea what I was doing! It looked ok, but it was definitely amature night!

We started getting trick-or-treaters at 6pm and they lasted until 9pm. We had so many!! So many that I had to send John to the store 2 times to get more candy! We went through 17 bags!

I think I scared some of the little kids… or they were in shock… they would just stare. Or a lot of other reactions I would get was 'Whooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." It was pretty funny. I think the costumes may have been better last year. I'm a fan of original ideas or pop culture costumes. There were a lot of princesses, doctors, ninjas, fairies, and kids in sports uniforms. There were a lot more adults this year dressed up too, which I always like to encourage.

Anyway… here are some of the highlights:

- One of my favorite costumes was buzz lightyear, (he was a little guy and super cute), and a tiny mariachi boy. The costume was great and he even had a drawn on mustache! There was a good Clifford the Big Red Dog, and a tiny Dorothy from the wizard of Oz w/ red sparkle shoes. So basically if you are little and cute you are one of my faves.

- One little tiger stood on the porch and roared at me… and kept doing it until another kid showed up. Maybe I scared him so he wanted to scare me back?

- I had also bought raisins for the kids that came by w/ no costume. I had about 5 kids do that last year. So this year if I wasn't sure what they were dressed up as I would ask. Most of them came up with lame things, but as long as they came up with something they would get the treat. However I did have one junior high kid tell me he was dressed up as himself, so I said sorry no candy for you, here are your raisins. Then he got really mad and kept trying to think of what he was dressed up as. I said 'sorry you had your chance.' Then they started being pushy and grabbing the bowl! Finally he gave me back the raisins when he realized I wasn't going to give him any candy. Then as they were walking away I heard him complaining! Ha ha ha! He was so rude he deserved it! However I won't be surprised if we get egged!

- There was this one little boy who I told to take one (I was kneeling) and then I was letting another kid get one and I didn't stand up yet. So the little kid's eyes got really big and then he grabbed the biggest handful he could and I told him 'no you can only have one.' However I didn't realized he didn't speak English, so when he didn't let go, I said 'release' (which didn't work), so I took his wrist and started to shake it until he dropped them all. My friend Steph who was over thought it was so hilarious. Later she said I should have said 'No mas.' However I am very fond of 'release' as I use that often with Sydney. Mom – I need to know how to stay release in Spanish for this year! Let me know!

Well I think that is about it for the highlight reel. I was totally exhausted after all the trick-or-treaters! I think that is a sign of ageing. Here is a photo of myself from last year. I totally forgot about my sweet arm gloves. Isn't the wig great as well?

Well I think I'm ready for Halloween 2007. Both costumes are ready (for work and home), the pumpkins are carved (one for work and one for home), and the cookies have been made (for work) as well. Now I just need some sleep!

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