Sunday, October 7, 2007

Martha Stewart in Training

This weekend I had my third official sewing class. wasn't official, but it was my third class! wasn't really a class either! Quit breakin' my balls!

Basically my friend Sam dedicates her entire day to teaching/helping Jen and I to sew. My grandma gave me a sewing machine for my 8th grade graduation, and I had NEVER used it. I know it's a shame. I've always anted to make my own clothes two, but was never motivated enough to actually do it. The machine is really great thought...just kind of stinks for my mom since she had been using it and is now machineless!

Our first project was to make a pair of pajama pants. They were SO easy and made Jen and I feel like total pros. I still can't believe I actually made myself a piece of clothing.

Here is an action shot of the student and teacher.

Here is the finished product! Let me tell you that a few days later I ripped out the crotch seam, but there were no worries since I knew how to fix it!

The second project was to make aprons. That should be REALLY easy right? Wrongo bongo. We unintentionally wound up picking our really hard patterns. We can't help it if we they were the cutest! At least I now know what a dart is.

This project was so challenging that we really did spend all day on it. I think from noon to 9pm. I know totally crazy. But at least I've got a super cute apron out of it, with non functional pockets. (Don't ask). Davette joined us for sewing project two, and here she and Jen are hard at work.

Here is the finished product:

So this time Jen and I were determined to pick an EASY project after the sweat shop apron marathon. Since Christmas is right around the corner we thought, what about stockings?? How easy could that be right? Wongo bongo AGAIN!

Well they were definitely easier than the aprons, but not as easy as sticking two pieces of fabric together, (like we thought it was going to be). We didn't really factor in adding in batting, (which means padding - don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about?). We each made one stocking and finished around 6:30pm. Not too bad right? Jen and I are so lucky to have such a great and patient teacher. It is much easier for me to learn something by seeing someone do the action vs. reading the instructions in the pattern book. So lucky for me Sam decided to make herself a stocking as well, and was able to show us all the steps.

Here are the finished products. Aren't they great?

The following day we met up with Steph and Hans for breakfast. It was great to see them and talk about their son that is due on Tuesday! I guess Hans has been purposely trying to hit bumps in the road hoping to jiggle the baby loose. So far it's Hans = 0 and baby Drexler = 4. Steph also told me that her mom has her bag packed and in the car. She has also been checking the weather daily and adjusting her clothing as necessary.

I had to take a few more shots of the belly as that could have been the last time I saw her with it!

Soon it will be three!

I had to get a profile shot as well!


Judy said...

Dear Daughter of 10-month Gestation,

I think Steph looks kinda slim. She might be able to go a few more weeks, at least!

I am going to ask: What are non-functional pockets? Did you sew them shut?

Also, what was that remark about your "balls"? You have to remember to not use all of John's expressions. Some are not appropriate!

Your ever-luvvin,

Judy said...

PS: the stockings look very professional! Unlucky break with
the batting, tho. Are you going to start sewing Xmas presents? Everyone could get aprons. Considering your past record, that
should take about 180 hours. You had better get started...

jenna said...

super cute stuff! Yay for sewing! I'm sure you saw the adorable leggings I made for Laina in our last post. Also I am making her halloween costume which is almost done and I will post pics of that. Talk about difficult! The pattern hardly made any sense in parts and there was all kinds of crazy sewing terms and such I had no idea what they meant. Good thing my friend whom I got the pattern from had also just made a costume from the same pattern and she helped me a lot! Oh, it's a panda bear complete with panda head (hood) and it's super cute!

BossyLucy said...

Wow...I can't believe how great the stockings look in the picture! I am so thankful that Sam is such a great teacher and you are so open to hosting! What will our next project be? Can't wait!