Monday, July 28, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts. This past weekend was pretty busy, and I didn't get much done, although I have no idea what I spent my time doing. Well I do know one thing I did. I looked through some boxes of old photos that my mom gave to me that were my grandma's. It definitely wasn't as big of a job when I did it for my other grandma last year, but here are two gems that I came across.

Here is a super cute photo of my grandma:
Here is the baby announcement my mom sent to her when I was born:
I wonder if my grandma found the baby photo in her mom's stuff when she passed away. Makes you wonder. I'm really excited to have this though. I didn't even know my mom sent out announcements!

I also came across some other photos that I had never seen before, which is always neat. You know Grandma's always have their own photo stashes of their grand kids.

I have a blog list of items I need to tell you guys about. Don't worry! I'll get to them eventually! Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Sarah said...

Adorable birth announcement! I think my mom used a similar one. A popular style back in the old days.

Judy S said...

What do you think--I wouldn't
send out birth annoucements?
I also sent out a letter about the
whole, hideous affair, but it looks like Gramma didn't save it...