Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is that a Coffee Filter?

As most of you smart people may know, the season premiere of Project Runway 5 was on last night at 9pm! (Why is the time slot so important you may ask? Well I can now watch it the night it airs, instead of having to wait a day. You know I need my beauty sleep).

I’m assuming most of you saw it, but if you did not and are planning on watching it later, please don’t read any further (in case you want to know what happens.)

Let’s see…where should I start. Maybe at the challenge since it is/was my FAVORITE challenge EVER?? They took the very first PR challenge and threw it at the new contestants to see what they would do with it. Here’s $30 bucks…go see what you can make a garment out of at the GROCERY STORE! Brilliant I tell you! Just brilliant!

I almost died when I only saw one contestant buying live vegetation. Did NONE of them watch season one? Who were these posers? I guess some of them did watch season one, but did NONE of them learn ANYTHING?? The one huge factor in Austin’s season one victory was because he used live vegetation! I couldn’t believe it. (I must say that I was so pumped that they brought him on to be the guest judge! He is by far one of my all time fave designers and totally got the shaft in his season. Don't even get me started.)

They even interviewed the contestant who is named ‘Suede’ (a real winner), and he said he saw the first season, but never thought about what he would have done in that situation! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Even I thought about what I would do, and I’m not even a designer! Some people I swear.

Then they show the rocker designer and she’s buying garbage bags. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Another derelict who did not watch season one? The first dude that got kicked off on season one made a dress out of garbage bags!

I told John that I could do a better job on the show then some of the contestants and I’m not even a designer! I was really quite disgusted.

A ton of designers also used tablecloths, which was pretty disappointing. I mean I know it is the first round and people want to play it safe to stay in the competition, but still. Kind of boring.

Here’s my breakdown of a few selected designs:

The vegetation dress. Of course this scored high. Duh. She also used table clothes, but this didn’t really look like a tablecloth like the other constant’s designs did. I thought it was pretty neat, and I liked the garnish.

The cup dress. Yes he made this out of plastic cups! Isn’t it amazing? I totally thought he wouldn’t finish it in time but he did. Very impressive, although he looked super pissed that he didn’t win.

The vacuum cleaner bag dress. This is what beat Mr. Cuppy. Isn’t it cute? Granted I don't think coffee filter boob covers will be the latest and greatest thing in fashion, but if you are flat as a board like the models then you'd have nothing to worry about. Don't panic... I don't plan adding the filters into my wardrobe antyime soon. I love that she used dye and bleach on the bags, when no one else thought of altering their materials.

The psycho killer raincoat ensemble. Wasn’t this just AWFUL? I would have been so embarrassed if I was this designer…and he was SO cocky! Just from his first interview I didn’t like him. (Granted the majority of the designers seem really cocky compared to past seasons, but he was a little much for me.) I'm wondering if he would have given her some heels and gotten rid of the gloves if it would have have helped. Who knows.

The diaper dress. As much as I hated the American Psycho combo, I think I hated this more. First of all…what the hell is it? Is it supposed to be a bathing suit? A leotard? A body suit? A bodice? A nighttime bed-wetting device? How come none of the judges asked these questions? I’m sure it was because they were so shocked and could not take their eyes way from the white snow crotch. I'm really hoping this designer gets the boot soon. I mean anyone who is obsessed with tanning has a serious prob.

Side Notes:
- Did any of you notice that some of the models actually had boobs this season? I was totally shocked.
- As much as I love the gay guys, I almost love the straight guy more, as I feel he is a total under dog.
- I love how there is such a wide variety of personality types this season among the woman. We have rocker/rock-a-billies and a few nerds. It should be interesting to see how their designs differ.

I know last season I was all pumped and planning on writing up reviews of each episode. We all know how well that lasted…all of one post. Not sure if I will try that this season since I know not all of you watch the show, and I don't want to bore my readers!


Sarah said...

The Season 1 garbage bag dress was miles better than the crap that rocker chick dumped on her model. The bags draped over her neck still had the folds from being in the box. TOTALLY LAZY! Go home now!

And here's a tip for all the people who used table cloths: Don't use the blue/red checker table cloths. They are immediately recognizable and show how truly lazy you are. You can go home as well.

And since I'm talking about lazy, Diaper Dude needs to leave too. Yeah he got creative, but his look was hideous and seemed unfinished. When Tim came in about 1/2 way through the night, DD was already done. If your outfit only take 20 minutes to create, it's time to go away. Although how long does it really take to bedazzle a diaper.

Mauleigh said...

PR is on again? I'm so out of it! I Liked your comments on the out fits. My boss just came into work, so more later...

Judy S said...

Thanks for the great review! Now I don't have to
worry about missing the show. I hope you can
keep up the reviews this year! I will look forward
to it!

Lori said...

Okay, I totally saw the episode, in my remote little cabin. The diaper guy. HATE him. Not in the Christian..."love to hate him, hate to admit that I love him" kind of way, but I absolutely HATE him. He's nauseating. And I can't help but think that the only reason he didn't get thrown off, was because he is so compelling and wacked, and I they think that'll make good tv. (Okay, I am talking about him.) Nevertheless, I'm excited for the new season, it never gets old for me. And I thought the cup dress was incredible!!!

Love the cup dress guy.

Daniel and Brianne said...

I love the review! I feel like I watched the show even though I missed it. Too funny! You guys need to get hooked on Big Brother that is an addicting show! Love it! Have a great week!