Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Italian class went good tonight. We got there early enough to stake out our seats away from Mr. Throat Clearer. He was still somewhat obnoxious pronouncing words a split second before our teacher. Next weeks plan is to sit on the other side of the classroom, as far away from him as possible.

The only highlight came when John and I went up to the teacher after class to ask her a few questions. As we were leaving I told her Buona Notte, (good night), but I miss pronounced it, and John said 'Prego' (you are welcome), instead of thank you! I'm sure we made her very proud.


Sarah said...

I can tell you guys are the star pupils. Keep up the good work!

Mauleigh said...

Hey los estuianties! While you're students be sure to get an ID card and go to lots of musuemns and crap at HALF the price!!! Averiva Derchi!

Judy S said...

I think mauleigh is onto something. You need to take advantage of those ID cards! (If you get them.)