Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Haircut '08

Ta Da!! What do you think? I absolutely LOVE it! I can't believe the cut looks so good on me! If you had only seen how bad my short hair cut I had 12 years ago looked, you would understand. If you are lucky I will look for a photo and scan it in for you this week. But only if you leave me LOTS of blackmail I know. that considered blackmail? Oh whatever, you know I will look for the photo anyway.
This is the only photo of the do I got after it was styled and it was took on my cell phone in Staples. Not the best move, because the style got destroyed during the rest of the day by doing yard work and laying out in the sun. The back was all nice and brushed under, but once it got wet it stuck out like a stiff leg.

My nightmare did not come true and John was able to cut off the hair, although my hair dresser, Marijke, started the cut. It was totally weird to know that he was cutting off all my hair!

Here I am supposed to look scared even though I look excited. I obviously do not have a wide range of facial expressions.

An action shot. Marijke stood in as the paparazzi and did a fabulous job!

It's off! Doesn't it look puny? Kind of disappointing that it looks like a little dog tail.

The sensation of the cut reminded me of Sixteen Candles and what Caroline Mulford must have felt when her best friend cut off the back of her hair.

The morning after:

I did a practice round of fixing my hair this afternoon, so come Monday morning I wouldn't be stressing out about it. Even though there is a lot less hair, it will take a few times before I get it down fast. The hair in the back is SO short that it was really hard to get to lay flat. That is why it looks a little curvy. Here is a more final after shot:
I knew I wouldn't be looking that good before my actual hair cut, so I had to do a few photo shoots during the week.
Of course I had to capture my hair straight AND curly. I'm hoping that if I do try to wear my hair curly, that it won't look quite like an Afro due to the a-line cut of the style. Who knows though. I might have do to a practice run of that on a weekend.

I totally think I've maxed out the number of photos you are supposed to post of yourself on your blog. E-gads!

Quick much are you supposed to tip your hair dresser? I've always tipped 15% like at restaurants. Please leave comment and let me know!


Judy S said...

I love my hairdresser and tip her 20%. A hairdresser is very important and a friend, too. AND she has your hair in her hands.

Your hair style is wonderful and your hairdresser is a real professional artiste! Now, the rest is up to YOU.

If I had known you had curly hair as a kid, I never would have paid for those perms...

Maggie said...

OMG, your hair looks FANTASTIC!!! Amazing, beautiful and all other fabulous adjectives peeps would use to describe Gwen Stefani. Wow. I lurve it. Awesome. You got a fab cut and at the same time you donated your hair to a good cause. It's a great day for "Doing a Good Thing." Woohoo!!!

Sarah said...

Love it! Very chic! You are totally ready to be a Breck Girl now.

And I agree with your Mom. If you love your stylist tip 20%. If you get stuck with a sucky stylist I move towards 10%. I know I probably won't go back to them. It's a very tricky thing.

Bri said...

Looks Sharp!

Jenna said...

Amber, I love it!!! As for the tip, I usually do 15%.

Daniel and Brianne said...

I love it! I'm so glad you went for it! I know what you mean about the back...I highly recommend getting a hair straightener and not using the round brush back there but your fingers for the really short works better for me.
Its such a good change and it definitely flatters your face.

Mauleigh said...

I always tip my stylist 15 dollars. When you start going to a gal and she costs 100 for a cut and highlight and then only two years later you're paying 150 for a cut and highlight, you gotta think, Hmmm, My pay isn't increaseing at 50% every two years, so I keep tipping 15 bucks. Althought I broke up with that stylist and it was tramatic. Thank goodness she got preggers and I could leave descreatly.

Gail said...

Found your site while surfing blogs for hairstyle ideas for myself. You were daring to go so short in back (you must have been nervous), but the result is way cute!! GAIL