Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fogworks on the 4th

John and I decided to make an 'All American Meal' for our fourth of July celebration. First we brainstormed of what we considered all American dishes. We came up with the following:

Fried Chicken
Watermelon Salad
BBQ Corn on the Cobb


Now I know some of you are wondering where potato salad is, but as you know I do not like potato salad so that was out. We also BBQed for lunch as that was a must. I was pretty impressed with all the new recipes we tried. Here is my break down:

The chicken was really good...but of course it was fried, so that was a given.

The corn was good as well. I had never had it with so many spices before, which was a nice change.

The lemonade really was the best lemonade ever. It was a tad too sweet for me, but the following day it was more bitter, which was better. I had never made it from scratch before, which was pretty neat.

The watermelon salad was good, but also a little odd. I liked it with the feta, but the basil added a bit of a weird taste. Granted it could just be that I'm not used to those flavor combinations, but it was still nice for a chance.
After we pigged out on dinner I then realized that I should have tried a new all-American dessert! I blew it. Oh well. Maybe I will do that next weekend. I really enjoy cooking when I have time...i.e. on the weekend vs. the weekdays.

Here is another photo of John slaving over the stove:

After our dinner settled we decided to heat north to Morro Bay to check out the fireworks. As we headed north we drove right into the fog. Hmmmm we thought about turning around, but were optimistic and stayed with the task. We drove down near the water and totally lucked out by finding an empty bench, while everyone else had brought their own chairs.

The fireworks started and let me just say we saw a lot of colored fog. Occasionally there would be a few low fireworks that we could see, but we decided to get in the car and drive up a hill to see if we could see the fireworks in Cayucus as well. We couldn't see those fireworks but I think there were few boats in the water that were lighting their own which were good, and away from the fog. We did wind up seeing a few more of the ones from Morro Bay as there was a break in the fog, however overall it was pretty disappointing. Let me just say that it doesn't compare at all to having your own firework show in your back yard.


Anonymous said...

As long as there were fireworks in the bedroom...

Jenna said...

Hey Amber! That's funny, I made grilled corn on the cob, too. I used my mom's recipe which is butter, salt, pepper and cumin all mixed together and rubbed on the corn. Then you put the corn directly on the grill, no need to wrap in foil. Turn occasionally as you cook for about 15 mins.

We also made tri-tip w/a nice santa maria style rub, bean salad, and garlic bread. mmmmmm. Then we sat on our front porch and watched the city fireworks.

Judy S said...

Interesting that the fireworks were fogged in (out?) in Fortuna, too! So, being experienced fireworks watchers, we didn't bother to leave home...

Daniel and Brianne said...

YUM! It looks like you guys had a tasty 4th! :)

Amber said...

what a drama queen he is....LOL - LOVE IT!