Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had my ultrasound today and the technician brought in an x-ray doc to take a look at it as well, and neither of them saw anything ‘scary.’ I was glad that the technician got a second opinion because she seemed young and inexperienced. She even asked me to spell ‘synthroid.’ Have you ever had a medial professional ask you how to spell something? If she only knew how great of a speller I really am.

Anyway, the doctor said that even though he didn’t see anything the tissue could still be I there, and it might have been laying flat causing it not to be visible on the ultrasound. He said I could come in and get more tests as well if need be.

I’m taking it as good news as I assume I won’t have to have another surgery. I don’t feel 100% relieved though, because I know there I'll still have to take more tests. Of course good news to me would be no tests at all!

It’s also unsettling to me that they didn’t find anything. At least if they found something then we would know why my test came back positive, ya know? At least one thing would have been answered and we could have headed in the correct direction to fix it. Now I guess we will just be troubleshooting? Trying to hunt down the mysterious tissue?

I’m very curious to see what my doctor says next week, and what the next step(s) will be.

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Daniel and Brianne said...

Well that sounds positive! I hope they get everything figured out quickly so you aren't stuck wondering forever.