Thursday, July 24, 2008

Team Ugly Brown

In spite of all my blues yesterday at least I had one little ray of light…PROJECT RUNWAY! Thank god! What made it even better is that John and I accidentally found out that it now airs at 6pm! We just signed up with DirectTV this week, and as John was perusing the list of recorded shows he saw that PR was on there. He decided to play it before he erased it and as we started watching it we realized it was the new episode!! We are having some difficulty figuring out how to record a series of shows, but it looked like we lucked out with the PR recording.

Before we even get to this week’s challenge I must say how ANNOYING Suede is! All he ever does is talk about himself in the third person. Who does he think he is? Did he see that Seinfeld episode of George, (doing the same thing), one too many times? What is worse is that he thinks he’s SO awesome when he’s just annoying. At least he can back up his annoyingness with his work. I really liked the dress he made for the challenge…oops! I’m ahead of myself.

So the challenge…pick environmentally friendly fabrics for a cocktail gown and the client is your model. The twist? The models will pick out the fabric! I really didn’t think the twist would be that big of a deal, but I’ll have to give the producers credit for this one. Who knew models don’t know anything about fabrics? It really makes you wonder. Maybe they looked at it as a mini shopping spree for $75? All I know is the majority of the designers were pissed at what they had to work with. Probably half of the models picked a brown or ivory satin, (which I guess is really hard to work with).

Rocker lady was complaining AGAIN in this episode saying that she wants to make styles she’s used to making, and she’s never made anything like this before…blah…blah…blah. I seriously do not think she’s ever seen one episode of this show! Then she started going off about how much she loved leather, and that once she pooped a leather turd and then made it into a hat.

In the end, her dress was really ugly, but the judges liked it because she put a bit of herself into it. Big surprise! She did the same thing she did the week before which was have an exterior stitch going up the side of the dress. We will see how many times it takes before the judges get tired of it. They always do.

I must say that these two dresses were awful as well! I can’t believe that blue peacock dress didn’t make it into the bottom. What is that gaping breast hole? The fabric covering her boobs doesn’t look like it fits at all.

For the dress on the right, I think the judges said it perfectly that no woman wants extra fabric on her butt/thighs!!! Who wants that area emphasized? Oh look! My ass is about to take flight! Look out below!!

Below is crazy Tan Man who made the diaper leotard last week. I actually like it this dress. DANG IT!

Here is another dress that was part of Team Ugly Brown. Now I thought this had potential, however the designer opted NOT to listen to Tim Gun, and she almost got the boot for it. When will these designers learn? There is normally more than one designer EVERY season who doesn’t listen to him and then they get kicked off the show. Tim was totally right too. He told her that she was over working the details, and needed to tone it down…exactly what the judges said. We will see if she learned her lesson next week.

Here is the winning dress on the left and the second runner up dress on the right. Aren’t they both so cute? I hate to admit that Suede designed the winning dress, but it was impressive. The whole top is made out of strips of fabric. I think the judges (and I) really appreciated the time and effort he put into it. And it’s cute to boot! Totally hip and young.

I also think the runner up dress is great. Don’t you love the collar? This was made by the rock-a-billy chick who is so cute! I wonder if I could pull off that look.

Here is the loser dress. Isn’t it awful? The whole time he kept working on it, it continually went downhill. However I must say that the outfit he was wearing on the runway was than his dress! I really think that is why they gave him the boot. He was wearing shorts and read loafers with no socks. Did anyone else catch that eye sore?

They also had a special guest judge this episode. They said it was someone who represented ‘young Hollywood.’ My guess was Miley Cyrus, and boy was I wrong. It was Natalie Portman! John and I were both so excited as she is one of our fave actresses. But ‘young Hollywood’? Spare me! She is older than at least a quarter of the contestants. Maybe she’s considered ‘young’ because she’s younger than most of the PR staff. Whatever. It didn’t matter though, because she’s so cute. Did anyone notice how huge Heidi looked next to her on the runway? E-gads! Talk about the odd couple!

Overall this episode was enjoyable, but nothing could compare to last week’s designs, (or challenge for that matter). I think the materials that the designers had to work with last week really made a difference in the pieces that were created. Until next time…carry on!


Sarah said...

Ok here we go:

#1- Rocker chick's dress made her model look preggers. Am I the only one that noticed that? HIDEOUS!

#2- Loser dude wore the worst possible outfit. He looked like a blind sea captain from Kmart who thought he was one of the Little Rascals.

#3- Loser dude deserved to go for many reasons. a) horrible personal style. b) whiny, blaming the model, bad attitude. c) BORING AS HELL! I don't even remember his name or face. I just remember the dry eyes voice.

Until next time, Make it work!

Judy S said...

I think I like the pink dress best.