Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When it Rains it Pours

Sorry for the lack of posts. Things haven’t been going the smoothest over the last few weeks, although I did have a great time in LA last weekend that I need to blog about. I’ve just been lazy. Not the most motivated, but now I feel like I can share some downer news with you. Not interested? No prob! Go here, and don’t click on your back button.

First of all, my grandma passed away last night. Two days ago she started throwing up blood and then went into a coma. She had actually been bed ridden for the past five months, so I’m hoping she is happier now, wherever she is. I can’t believe I’ve lost both of my Grandma’s within the last two years. I’m done with death and funerals. Comprende? So all of you start taking your vitamins ASAP!

I don’t have too many photos of my grandma and I since she hated getting her photo taken, but here is one from my bridals shower 5 years ago.

On to more not so fun news…

After I took my radiation pill last year the next step was to get some blood work done 9-12 months after. So this past week I got some hormone shots and then a few days later got some blood drawn. The main goal of the tests were to see if there were any thyroid cells left in my body, (which there shouldn’t be). I talked with my Dr. today and he said that one test showed that there is still some thyroid tissue left in my body. He said it’s normal to have left over tissue after surgery, but it’s not normal to have it after radiation. He said we need to find out if it’s good tissue or residual tumor. Interesting right? What the heck is this left over tissue/cells doing in my body? I hope they are on vaca minding their own business and not causing any problems.

The doc wants me to get an ultra sound first, and then depending on those results I may have more tests and possibly another biopsy. NO THANK YOU! I’ll pass on that one, (that first biopsy was so awful). Too bad I don’t have an option right? I think I may ask the ultra sound technician if he can see anything. He can tell me that right? Just not make any predictions of what he sees. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get another photo of it printed out, but I’ll see what I can do.

I have the feeling that if the tissue is large enough to see on the ultra sound then my doctor will want it biopsied. I wouldn’t think it could be that big. Hopefully if they do need to biopsy it, it will be big enough to get a sample. What if it isn’t big enough to biopsy? What if they can’t find anything, yet my blood work says there is something still there? I wonder how accurate blood tests are.

Anyway, if all these tests go that far I’m then wondering if I will have to take another radioactive iodine pill. That would make the most sense right? Try to kill the remaining tissue? That sounds ok to me. I don't want any scalpels involved. Although wait…what about my PTO that I’ve been saving for 7 months for my Italian adventure this October?? As of now I should have 14 days saved by the time of my trip. I should only need to use 9, which would leave me with 5 for a possible quarantine. I guess that would be ok but COME ON!!! There is no way I should have to deal with this AGAIN! I vowed I would not miss more than a day of work this year from being sick. I will never forgive my thyroid for causing me to only have one week of vaca last year. The nerve!

I feel pretty ill about the whole thing. I was trying to remember how I felt last year, and I don’t think I felt anything. I was just in shock for a few weeks until they stuck me with the IV. Now I know what to expect…I’ve been through this before. Will it make it easier? I don’t think so. Oh my god…if I have to have radiation again, then I will also have to do the ‘cleanse’ for the body scan! Oye!!!

I’ll try to stay positive and hope for the best. It’s hard, but as John reminded me, thyroid cancer is one of the best ones to have. Thank you Mrs. Thyroid, (where ever you are), for being the best.


Jenna said...

ugh, Amber, I am so sorry you have to deal with all of this crap! I have no idea how "accurate" blood work is, but I'll be praying there was actually never anything there!

Sarah said...

I bet those thyroid cells want to vaca in Italy too. Maybe if you scare them and tell them there is no way they are going with you then they will disappear.

Mauleigh said...

On the upside, if there is ever have a nuclear bomb dropped in central CA, you know you body able to with stand the radiation. Are you a "hero"? You can tell us...and the rest of the internet. We won't tell Sylar.

Daniel and Brianne said...

Well that is no bueno. I am SO sorry to hear about your grandma. Mine died in April and no matter what kind of warning you get its never easy. I'm so sorry to hear that.
As far as the thyroid cells...well, thats no bueno too! You never know with blood tests could very well be nothing.
I will think happy thoughts for you and ya know, after it pours the sun always comes out!
(Sorry that totally sounded like a lame Hallmark card!)

Bri said...

My Mom was the best. I can only remember good things about her, and she always did the right thing! When my time comes it will be easier, knowing she's already there, though that's one appointment I hope I'm late to!
With all the billions of cells in your body, seems like it would be hard for the doctor/medication to find and rid every one. Not to worry, they will figure out what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your loss....and then having the health issues to deal with on top of it! I saw Trina and Jen last weekend and they both asked about you: Trina about your health, Jen about whether I'd seen you lately. You are in my thoughts. Good thing you have something positive to look forward to in the coming months!

Judy S said...

Dear Amber,

This is really terrible news. Promise to keep us posted on all the developments.