Sunday, June 29, 2008

Santa Maria, California (Love)

A few weeks ago John took me down to Santa Maria to one of the foreclosure homes he's in charge of reselling. We had a very important reason to be pick some blackberries in the back yard. Let me tell you it was awesome! It would have been a real shame if they been left there to rot or worse, let the birds eat them. You know you all love purple bird poop on your cars.

We also went to another home in a near by neighborhood. John tried to see if anyone was home to let them know that they property was now owned by the bank. However no one answered the door.

It wasn't until this trip to Santa Maria that I saw some of the nice neighborhoods. I had no idea such nice areas were in the city. The overall local impression of Santa Maria isn't really the nicest. I'll just leave it at that.

There is another blog I stalk of a lady and her family, who do live in Santa Maria. She recently posted this entry giving the low down on the views of Santa Maria and what it is like to live there. I thought it was a great summary, and since she already did, you need to read it because I'm not going to give you the low down. I'm lazy, I know.

John eventually made it in the house where no one had answered and when he entered, he saw the following master pieces of Tupac on the walls.
Here are a couple of photos for scale:

When John had told me about these drawings I had no idea they looked like this...however what I couldn't believe was why the artist didn't get some paper to draw on. I mean wouldn't the tenant want to take them with him when he moved?

Another time John had to go to the property, he bought along three ladies in their mid 40s, (who he is working with), who were all so impressed with the artwork and kept complimenting the owner on the pieces...all the while not having any idea who Tupac is. The tenant just told them that his buddy from Lompoc drew them.

'California...knows how to party. Caiforniaaaaaaaaa knows how to party. In the city of Santa Maria...keep it rockin'...keep it rockin'. - Tupac circa 1996


Samantha said...

I had some friends do that to one of the walls of a house they rented when we were in college. One of them did an awesome ink mural & the landlord liked it so much he told them not to paint over it when they moved out.

Sarah said...

In one of my brother's apartments a long time ago the boys made a beautiful moon on the celling out of beer bottle caps. A masterpiece.

Big D said...

Santa Maria has 90 thousand people? I need to relocate because our family must have a Walmart.

Mauleigh said...

Um, Big D, there is one in Redding and Crecent City. Aren't they close enough?

Judy S said...

Actually, Mauleigh, "we" would like to live in the city where the Walmart is located, not 4-5 hours away...

I find it strange that someone would put the drawings on the wall, but what do I know?

Bri said...

I read there's some place around Santa Maria called neverland in foreclosure as well.

Brianna Heldt said...

shoutout from a former santa maria dweller (but still a santa maria home-owner)!

we lived in a nice neighborhood that was safe and had lots of nice, big houses. not much to do there, but it's a fine place to live. people are just snobby! :)