Friday, June 27, 2008


What was I doing a year ago today? I'll tell you...I had to take a week off work and I didn't even wind up somewhere tropical. In fact I didn't even get paid the whole week. I think I only had two PTO days saved up since I had my surgery. If I recall, I was able to catch up on uploading all my photos to and I created my sister's wedding website. The only reason I remembered was because Wimbledon has started I remember getting to watch it when I was quarantined.

We got our new MacBook this week and it is awesome! Although I'm really not used to the small screen. We were able to transfer over some of my design programs, but not all...and you know I really don't want to shell out the cash to buy a new version. We tried to log onto some of our neighbors Internet access but they had them all locked! Can you believe that one? The nerve! Couldn't they just let us 'borrow' their connection? Whatever.


Sarah said...

Selfish neighbors. I bet they don't let you plug in an extension cord to use their electricity either. Scrooge McDucks!

Judy S said...

Maybe if you took the neighbors your prize-winning fudge they would let you use their service (ha).

Bri said...

Top of the line Macbook, pricey but the real deal.