Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Burger? No Thanks.

In preparation for seeing the Sex and the City movie, John and I have been watching old episodes of the show. Well that is partially true…John just figured out that we have HBO on Demand, and we now have free, (with a subscription to HBO), access to some of the episodes! Now that we have access to them, we figured this was a perfect time to watch them.

I had forgot how much I loved that show until after we watched the first episode! Each lady is so unique in her own way, which makes me love them all for different reasons. Except for Carrie…I find her kind of blah. Well her personality is kind of blah. Maybe that is why the costumer gave her the funkiest clothes? To distract us from her blah personality? I think her blahness is what allows all of their eccentric personalities to get along.

The season that we are watching is the final season where Carrie dates Burger. Now I know you have to remember Burger…AKA ‘Mr. Post-it.’ I remembered from the first time I watched the season that I really did like Burger and was sad that it didn’t work out between them. (I don’t know if my love for Office Space influenced that hope or not). However this time I had a totally different view. Right from their first fight, (which they did in every episode), I thought ‘oh these two should not be together!’ Talk about friction! I could just tell they would never last. Now I know what you are thinking…and I didn’t think that because I knew the outcome. But seriously…with every fight in every episode, I was yelling at the TV ‘BREAK UP ALREADY!’ Please get out that post-it pad and end this dysfunctional mess!

I couldn’t believe that 5 years ago I actually liked Burger and wanted them to stay together! Was I in La-La Love Land like Charlotte? I couldn’t believe how much my view(s) had changed over the past 5 years. It actually made me pretty happy that I am able to look at a relationship and see beyond what is on the surface. I have known that I am getting better at this, but I didn’t realize how naive I used to be. Talk about me really being in La-La Land!

Now I’m wondering what has caused me to change over these past 5 years. Is it because I got married? Is it because I’m getting older and wiser of the ways of the world? Or is it because I’ve been hanging around more and more dysfunctional people that are easy to dissect?

I really am happy that I am more insightful. It not only helps with other people’s relationships, but also with work relationships. I actually find it fun to figure out the real reason why someone really said what they said. Are they hiding or scared of something? It’s kind of like being an older and wiser Nancy Drew.

I’ve even been able to catch myself saying things I don’t mean because I’m feeling a certain way. I haven’t been the best at stopping myself before the words come out of my mouth, but after I realize it’s too late I then try to say something to counteract it. Not really the best move…actually that is the worst move I could make. If anything that just makes me look suspicious, or that there is more to the story.

On a positive note…this is the first thing I consider good about growing old! It can only get better with time right? I mean our bodies are getting worse, so hopefully our minds will balance it out…until they reach their peak and start to go downhill, right? Anyone know when that peak is? I need to mark it down on my lifetime calendar.

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Mauleigh said...

My roots look just like SJP. But she has about 6 Face Inches on me.