Thursday, June 19, 2008

There's No Place Like the Theatre

Every Wednesday I get an email from with their latest deals…some are airline, rent-a-car, hotel, and even theatre ticket deals. I have yet to take advantage of any of the airline deals, but I hope one day I will. I can’t help it if I’m picky about the dates I travel and don’t want to vacation in Iraq.

Yesterday when I got my email I couldn’t believe it I saw a deal that I could actually take advantage of! Travelzoo was offering $30 off tickets to the musical Wicked! What a deal for a cheapie like me! My mind instantly started working on creating a plan to be able to save some money. (Like how I look at it as saving money vs. spending? I know I’m genius!)

Step one: The Date
John and I are heading down to LA for the Angels game next month…what if we could see the show on the same weekend? BRILLIANT! We’d be killing two flying monkeys – I mean birds with one baseball! There is really no availability in our summer schedule to fit in another trip down south, so I knew this would be the only way.

Step two: The Convincing of the Husband
Now I know that John would go see the show with me even if he didn’t want to, but what fun would it be to say ‘You are going with me,’ end of story. I knew I needed to do some sweet talking to build up my argument of how I just know he will enjoy himself. (The dude is extremely skeptical about everything). I’ve taken him to quiet a few musicals, but his favorite of all time was Spamalot. I’m not really sure if that qualifies as your typical musical since it was based on Monty Python movie, but regardless he loved it. I’m hoping it’s been long enough to where that memory has started to fade, and he won’t remember it enough to compare it to Wicked.

Step Three: The Case
I then contacted all of my friends in LA to see what kind of feedback they could give me about the show. Sarah V., Maggie, and Molly all LOVED it and only had good things to say about it! Molly even told me that she was sure John would like it, and if anything else they have flying monkeys that look like Clyde. If that wasn’t the best argument EVER then I don’t know what was.

Step Four: The Presentation of my Flawless Case
We went out to dinner to Big Sky last night and before I got out my briefcase to present, I decided to ask my mom if she and my dad had seen it. I thought they had when they went to NYC a few years ago. Great plan right? What could be better then a personal review right at our table? I knew she would help me convince John that it was a must see. Flawless right? WRONG-O BONG-O! My mom STRONGLY DISKLIKED the show! Can you believe it? I just sat there stunned. After all of the great feedback I had heard about it all day I was in total shock! She said it was all just average, or ‘eh’ to use an exact quote.

The show? Eh.
The music? Eh.
The original book? Eh…all forgettable.

You get the picture. Once my shock wore off I had to shut her up IMMEDIATELY! She was totally going to ruin my case! You know I worked so hard on it. Texting is hard work people!

Once I got her to zip her lip I was able to present my case, but it definitely lacked the excitement level after Mrs. Eh’s review.

John did agree to see it as long as we went with his sister. That was no prob because earlier in the day she told me that she liked it so much she wanted to see it again. She even said she’d get the tickets. Later that night I received an email from her saying that she got two tickets for the 20th. I found that odd as we wanted to go on the 18th. Come to find out she thought that the baseball game was this weekend not next month! It totally stinks because she is wrapping up her movie and knew she’d get off work early this Friday…the Friday next month? Who knows? So it looks like John will be stuck with just his old lady for the show. However I’m sure if I wear something low cut he won’t notice anyone else in the room. I love my boobs.


Nathan and Emily said...

I can't believe I still haven't been to see it. I've been in LA two years, no excuse argh! I've only heard good things about the show, I would say the book was fun, not great, but much better than eh!

Mauleigh said...

Um, The book was the best of the three, but nothing I'd even pass along to Sarah. But I have heard good things about the show, and maybe it's like the notebook. A total crap book, made into something decent.

Judy S said...

Dear Amber,

Sorry to shoot down your great
sales pitch on "Wicked"! I cannot
lie, however: I would do it again, if sufficiently provoked. Maybe it is like "Titanic"--a movie adored by
young women, but maligned by their mothers (and grandmothers).

Mommy Dearest

Anonymous said...

I went and saw Wicked in Chicago and it was my favorite play ever....and that includes a bunch of plays we saw in New York! If you are into fantasy/fairytale worlds, this is a great play to see! Katy