Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Do I Choose?

So I need some help blog viewers…John and I are going to be getting a new computer but are having a hard time deciding on whether to get a laptop or a desktop. Actually it’s me who is having the hard time…John says he will get whatever I want. My current computer probably has about a year left before it will need to be replaced, however since I’m such a computer hog John feels as though he never gets to use it and would like his own. Hence the early purchase.

Sooooooooooooo that is where you all come in. Can you please leave a comment, (or send me an email), stating pros or cons for either type? Or stories that might help me make up my mind? Have you had both types of computers? Would you please give me ANY advice? I’m getting desperate.

Here are some of my pros/cons, (I wanted to save you the time if you think of some of the same things).

The convenience of taking it ANYWHERE! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could work on the computer in the car (On the straight stretches of course…I am prone to get carsick), or in the living room, in bed, outside…can you get wi-fi outdoors?

I could take it on client meetings to have easy access to the deigns I’ve created.

I’d be able to download photos, alter photos, burn CDs, work on blog entries and on any freelance work wherever I wanted.

After talking with John we realized there isn’t a real need to take the computer places, and that most places we travel to do have computers. (And I really can go 48 hours without checking my email…if I have to).

It’s only $300 cheaper than the desktop, which has a better system.

It would most likely be considered “John’s”, not mine. (I know…selfish).

Is it a pain to carry it around? Do I really want another bag?

I would get the new desktop and John would get my old one. (More selfishness…but at least I’m honest!)

It has better features, (more memory, hard drive space…I think?), for only $300 more.

It would be great to use for my design work…it would be faster, and because of the HUGE monitor.

John says we could get a new desk with two workstations that FACE each other! How awesome would that be? (Sorry to make some of you gag).

Immobile computer…however since I’ve never had a laptop I wouldn’t know what I was missing…right?

I was hoping that after making this list things would be easier…maybe I should prioritize them? I KNOW! Maybe one of you will give me the answer I’m looking for!!


Jenna said...

um, hands down, Laptop! I was soooo against us getting a laptop when Jay first suggested it. Now it's the only computer I use! And we do still have the desktop. It must be my laziness though because the desktop is upstairs and I love just having the laptop sitting on the couch so I can be the laziest person on the planet and watch TV AND check email and blogs at the same time!!!

Lori said...

I'm completely ADDICTED to the laptop. LOVE IT!!! I agree with Jenna, I'm sitting in a comfy chair right now,with my laptop on my, LAP. And why can't you do the design stuff on the lap top??


Anonymous said...

Laptop! It can always become a desktop if you don't like to carry it around. And make sure it is wireless. Mine isn't and connecting it with the phone cord all the time just isn't cool. Katy

Sarah said...

My hesitation in getting a laptop has always been about the keyboard. For some reason I can't use the numbers that are above the letters. I have to use the 10-key thing on the side. Now if you get a really sweet laptop that's wide with a 17in monitor and the 10-key then I say go for it. If you don't like it, I'll trade you for my old desktop. That's a sweet deal. Think about it. I'll wait for your call.

Mauleigh said...

I have that big iMac and don't use apples, so I have no idea about it, except I love the huge screen and use it to watch movies. I also have a Viao and LOVE it!! It's so nice to be able to surf the web where ever I want to. Like at the pool (yes wifi is everywhere)however I do not know of any designer that works on a laptop. We have some that show us stuff on laptops, but they don't use them for the working part.

Maggie said...


Bri said...

Laptop, no doubt, desktops are passe. laptops can do anything a bulky desktop can plus they are light and mobile. I bought a new one recently and have had no trouble with it. i recommend whatever you buy it has the Centrino sticker on it, for longer battery life.

Judy S said...

Well, shoot! I have been using a lap top
since 1993! I am trying to set a good example,
but someone isn't really paying attention!

As has been mentioned before in your comments.
LAP TOP! You won't be sorry!

Personal story: I forgot to bring my lap top
on our vaca last week and we were reduced to
using the hotel computers! GROOOSSSSS! The
keyboards are so dirty they are sticky! Never
again do I forget my trusty LAP TOP.

Judy S said...

How come I don't have a cute pic by my
comment like Jenna and Lori?