Monday, June 2, 2008

Good Times!

On Friday John and I headed over to Clovis to visit our friends the Pearce’s. We hadn’t seen them since their wedding in October and it was so good to catch up with them! We also got to meet their puppy Dakota. She is a goldendoodle and SOOOOO cute! She was so excited to have company in her house that she kept doing these mini circular laps where she would circle completely around John and I., kind of doing figure eights. She was so friendly and had the softest hair/fur! Plus since she is part poodle she doesn’t shed. She would definitely make you want a dog.

Anyway, Brianne and Daniel took us to dinner to a teppanyaki grill restaurant, which was SO good! Of course we ate way too much, but it was totally worth it. Keeping with the same theme, the breakfast place they took us to the following morning was equally as good. It was in Old Town Clovis, which was really neat.

I was so glad we go to stop by and visit them since they are kind of in the neighborhood of Bakersfield, and since we don't take too many trips East I knew we had to take advantage of it. They seem so perfect for each other…totally respectful, polite, nice, and caring. It’s nice to see two people who are good together and are such a joy to be around.

After our tasty breakfast we headed over to Bakersfield. I wanted to stop by Jo-Anne’s Fabrics if possible to look for fabric for our shower curtain, so I just typed in the name in the GPS and wa-la it took us right there! Ever since John got a GPS for work I LOVE it! It is so great to travel with...I mean to go look at the houses he's selling.

After Jo-Anne’s we realized that we probably needed a snack to tide us over since we ate a late breakfast and probably wouldn't ave having any lunch before the BBQ. So what did we do? We typed in Jamba Juice and wa-la! It took us right there. I cannot tell you how helpful having a GPS would have been when I lived in the bay area. That was even before mapquest/Google maps. I was got lost all the time.

I got a few good photos of the fam, but of course now I wish I would have gotten more, or at least a group shot. Dang it!

Here is a sweet self portrait of John and Molly:
Here is Jane showing John and Lisa some sweet video on Val's computer. As you can see Val is more than thrilled about the situation.

After we stuffed our selves with a fabulous meal, we played a couple rounds of poker. It was really great because I started out and won the first two hands! I knew I should have called it quits, but the dang gamblin’ bug got me and I stayed in…and didn’t win another hand! I know totally crazy. Good thing we were only playing with coins.

After casino night we went and saw the new Indy movie. Now everyone I have talked to hated the ending, however I didn’t think it was that bad…however I’m sure the fact that I started to doze off a bit in the end had nothing to do with my final opinion. Yeah I saw a hint of a spaceship, and yeah the alien looked a little cheezy, but it seemed like that was such a small part of the movie. I can’t help it if I’m old, and that the 8pm show was sold out so we had to see the 9pm show. I’m tellin’ ya I’m old.

We got to stay with John’s Aunt Jane and his cousin Val. We always have so much fun when we are around them. I have the feeling that Jane and I do have an unspoken connection because we are both ground hog babies…plus she is the youngest child in her family, and you know how the youngest are always so serious.

Anyway, we went out to breakfast on Sunday, and Jane and I ordered the same omelet, except I asked for no onions and she asked for no bacon. So the dishes come and the waitress asked if I had no onions, and I said yes, so she gave me my dish, but as she was handing the other dish to Jane she realized it had bacon in it. So back she went to the kitchen. I felt kind of bad, but I was hungry, so I dug in…that is until I saw about 5 onions in my first bite! Let me tell you that these were not large onions, but tiny ones...that were distributed all through the omelet. I did try one bite and all I could taste were the onions! Then I realized that my omelet didn’t have bacon either…wait a sec! I got Jane’s order! CRAP!

When the waitress came back with Jane’s new plate, I had to send mine back. I’d normally pick out the onions in a situation like that, but there were WAY too many to deal with.

We got to see Gramp again on Sunday at his house, and I tried to download Adobe Reader for him, but his computer has Window’s ’98 and Adobe doesn’t have an option to download their program for that operating system. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't get it to work, when I actually knew how to help them.

John and Gramp

After we said our good byes we went and overloaded on dairy, and then headed back to Jane’s. I was able to rock my tech support skillz for her, and helped her download some photos from her new camera. At least I was 1 for 2 in the IT dept. John and his dad then did some small fixer upper projects…like install Val’s toilet paper roll holder that had been MIA for the last 2 years! Let me tell you she was SO thankful.

Even though we left later than we wanted, it was totally worth it. We had such a great time this past weekend seeing everyone, hanging out, and just having fun. Jane and Val might be moving by the end of the year, so I’m thinking we might need to make another road trip later this year. As long as I tell John that there will be a milkshake in it for him, I’m sure he will be game.


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Too bad Indy sucked. What about John? Did he like it?

Judy S said...

Dakota should meet my friend Maggie's dog NEVADA.

There was a space ship in Indiana Jones? I must have been asleep...

Sounds like a very filling weekend! What fun!

Judy S said...

if you want to hear something crazy, click on the the handicapped sign by the "word verification" box.

Daniel and Brianne said...

It was SOOOO.....good to see you guys! We were really excited that you guys took the not so glorious trek to Clovis just to hang out with us for the night. We had a blast catching up ! I hope we can all hang out again soon and stuff our faces with some more good food. Have a great week! :)

Bri said...

Very nice, must be what good people do. Funny about the mixup with the omletts, unfortunately it happens too often, worse yet if the food is too spicy!

Mauleigh said...

How come Aunt Jane only lets Men sit on the chairs and couches? Do women have so walk crab soccer style too? (Re: photo where all women are on the ground)