Sunday, June 1, 2008


We had a great weekend in Bakersfield this past weekend. Of course we got home pretty late tonight, so all you get is a few photos.

One of John's goals for the weekend was to go back to Dewar's to get a George's Special, (chocolate, banana and nut shake.) Jane and Val took us there for years ago, (yes it had been four years...I know that is awful...but we did go over last March, but only for a day), and John's mouth has been watering ever since we went. Last time neither John nor Val were able to finish their shakes, but this year they accomplished their goal!

I went into my photo CD archives and dug up this beauty from our trip back in 2004:
I'm not sure why John's eye are so squinty. Anyway...make a note of that stuffed ram in the background.

When we were there today we sat at the counter again, and John noticed the ram's head and we all thought it was a little odd that it was A) just sticking out of the wall in a slight random local, and B) what the heck was it doing in an ice cream shop? I was very excited to see that 4 years ago the ram was in fact on the wall, but now it has a lovely scenery around it:
Here is Jane and Val enjoying their George's Specials. Jane is totally acting like a cool cat in this John had to impersonate her:
I of course had the easy job of impersonating Val, since she always looks good. I did not opt for the George's Special since I'm not a big fan of banana. I decided to get a peppermint shake which was GREAT and also made me think that it was Christmas time. Although that didn't last long once we left the shop and entered the furnace of 88 degree weather.

More to come...


Sarah said...

"furnace of 88 degree weather"

You are such a light weight. Come visit me later this month when it's over 100.

Judy S said...

88*? Definitely a blast furnace if you are in Fortuna.

Mauleigh said...

My Milkshake brings all the G's to the yard, my milkshake is better than your's, I could teach you but I'm sure you could firgue it out on your own.