Sunday, January 20, 2008

College is Awesome

This weekend Jen, her hubby Joel, Sam and John and I went out to Vallartas to have a late celebration for Jen's b-day and an early one for mine. I was really surprised at how crowded it was since I thought most of the college kids would have gone to the snow for the three day weekend. Unfortunately I was wrong.

In a booth next to us was a group of girls who were all getting pretty loud since they had a few 60 oz. margaritas at their table. We were thankful when they left, but when they did a group of guys filled their seats. They came over from the bar and one guy had his very own 60 oz. drink.

All of the sudden I see this guy out of the corner of my eye trip over a chair...stumble..and then face plant right on the ground...barely missing another chair with his head! It happened in such slow mo that I totally thought the guy was kidding, but he wasn't! Everyone just kind of looked around and started laughing. I mean have you ever seen someone trip and fall down in a restaurant before?

Jen and Joel had the view of the bar and they both said they saw him downing his own 60 ouncer pretty quickly. I guess he didn't realize there was alcohol in it until he stood up! What a rookie.

A little while later after we got our food we noticed some more commotion coming over from the college dudes booth. We look over and Mr. Good Balance is totally passed out!!! So of course his buddies proceed to take inappropriate photos of him the dude. At least we didn't see any nudity.

Then all of the sudden I find Jen and myself posing with Mr. Party Animal!! How the heck did that happen?
I think I mentioned how I wanted to try to get a video of the dude, because it was too funny to pass up, when someone suggested that we should get a photo with him! As you can see his buddy was totally embarrassed to pose with us.

Ahhhhh to be in college again.


Sarah said...

Who passes out in a restaurant from 1 margarita? Amateur is right! And how did Mr. Soon-to-be-in-AA not know that he shouldn't trust his boys (and by "boys" I mean friends...not his other "boys" which also probably weren't safe). He's clearly got bigger problems than an inappropriate pic posted on the web, or face planting in the middle of Taco Time. Here's a tip dude: If you're going to get so drunk that you pass out in a restaurant, make sure you've had a manly drink, like whiskey.

Anonymous said...

ADIOS!! Wait, isn't that the drink that had me falling on the ground at Villarios? Hmmm....

Judy S said...

It's a good thing I wasn't there!
Someone should have rushed him to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Hasn't anyone in SLO heard of alcohol poisoning?