Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too Good to be True!

Today for lunch, John and I tried a new sandwich place in SLO…The Giant Grinder. As some of you know I am quite the sandwich coinsure…ok I’m super picky…BUT sandwiches are one of my favorite foods. I don’t just settle for crap sandos either... like Subway, (although when I’m trying to eat healthy and save money I do go there. I mean Jared is such a charmer, how can I avoid that place?).

I read about the grinder in the paper. (Here is a better article than the one I read). It said it was family run business that was trying to bring the East Coast style sandwiches to the West Coast. It sounded pretty interesting and definitely something I'd like to try.

So John and head to the tiny shop and it’s totally packed! We actually had to wait about a half an hour for our sandos, but one good thing was that a small table did clear up so we were able to eat there. (I think there are 6 seats total in the place). Let me just say that the sandwiches were TOTALLY worth the wait!! They were SO good. I decided to order their turkey sandwich to see how it compares to the other turkeys that I get. I did alter the order slightly by getting it without peppers, but this sandwich also came with oil, salt, and pepper. The sour dough roll was super fresh and tasty, and the meat was sliced nice and thin. Just my style. Even John liked it with the veggies on it!!!! Granted it was only lettuce and tomatoes, but that says more than you can imagine! He got the meatball sandwich and it was just as good. The tomato sauce was really flavorful and the bread was toasted perfectly…hard on the outside, and nice and soft on the inside.

My sandwich reminded me of a deli that used to be in Fortuna a LONG time ago. Now I need help from you Fortuna readers to verify that there was an actual deli where I remember. It was kind of sketchy inside and had a ton of dark wood, and had booths inside. I remember going there multiple times with my mom having great sandwiches with the really skinny shredded lettuce. It was located on main street on a corner...the corner across from Green’s Pharmacy, and I think Redwood Bootery. I can’t remember what was on the other corner, but I think the other corner was the same block as John's Club. However now on that corner it’s a newer building (20 years old) and I think Allen Baird had an office in there? I think it was on the same street as Diana’s was on too. Is this ringing any bells??? For you youngsters, can you ask your parents?

I feel so lucky to have yet ANOTHER great restaurant in SLO. It's just hard to imagine that there are that many good places to eat around here in such a small radius. I never dreamed of living in a place that would have 3 good delis. Are you kidding me? I must have already died and gone to heaven!

So now to all you local San Luis County peeps…go get yourself a grinder! You will not be disappointed. I would advise calling in your order if you go during lunchtime. That seems to be the smartest move. I would link to their website, but it’s not up and running. They have the address just no site…maybe they need a designer…who will work in trade…free sandos for life? I’ll take it!


Judy S said...

Well, thanks for the tip on The Grinder! I think I
will just have to make a trip to SLO to try it out.
The Deli you are talking about was on the SAME SIDE of the St. as Green's, kind of in the middle of the block, NOT on the corner!

Sarah said...

Jared is a douche. Do not fall for his lame attempts to stuff you full of wilty lettuce and white tomatoes.

You said 3 good delis. What are the other 2? When I do my sandwich tour of Cali I need to be informed.

Jamie said...

Thank you for the kinds words Amber! I am so glad you enjoyed our product. I am Brad and Sherri's (Owners) daughter. We are so grateful to be in such an enthusiastic, vivacious community that has expressed such tremendous support. Please come in and see us parents will likely know you by first name by your third visit!


Anonymous said...

Is it the same building Pams was in? They had booths, and dark wood and once you and I got a sandwich there when it was called some ladies Name. I think Celida Blongna knew that lady. Like it started with an E or something and was a short name.

Anna T said...

Let me tell you for a fact that the Grinder is a one of a kind Giant experience! The food is wonderful and Sherri and Brad Fuller know how to make a Grinder!
We miss them from the South Bay area.
Try it you won't be sorry!

Anonymous said...

Are you being unfaithful to Guses? I thought that they were the best in all of California.