Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photo Time!

This past weekend John and I headed up to Ukiah to visit Rebekkah and her family. Well actually I hired John out to help Adam work on their back bedroom remodel. I know I'm such a nice wife....I mean honestly...I never even thought of the fact that I'd get to hang out with Rebekkah and Sydney and eat bon bons, while the two dudes were in the back sweatin' it out!

Here is John on day one. He was SO excited to be using the very manly automatic drill screw gun thingy. Like I know the name? All I know is that I'm sure he will want to get one for our next home improvement project. Keep dreamin' buddy.

Even though I know the dudes just thought us ladies were dinking around all day we really did work! I was able to help Rebekkah get ready for Lil' Smore. We first went through a ton of baby clothes that she had saved and picked out all the uni-sex colored items. Let me tell you that from now on, if I have a friend who is having their first baby I will only by them uni-sex colored items, so that way their second child will be able to wear them as well! Rebekkah is totally going to be set if they have a girl though. She has so many cute clothes left over from Syd.

Another project I helped with was making a list and gathering items for her hospital bag. I was really shocked at how much you need to have! I thought all you needed was a few outfits for the baby and maybe some clean underwear for the mom, but no way! I mean you really do need to be prepared for all situations. I mean what if the labor is REALLY long and the dad started to smell a little ripe? You've got to pack some deodorant for the dude! I'm sure he doesn't want all the nurses to be caught gasping for air on the birth video.

Here's a cute photo of Syd and Rebekkah:

After a hard day at work Adam made us some sweet mojitos. Here is John enjoying his. Oh and what is Syd doing you ask? Well she is measuring John's baby!! (She was just measuring Rebekkah's right before).

That night before we went out for some awesome Indian food I had the Steinbucks pose for a family photo. Another project Re and I worked on that day was finding a baby book. We got one similar to Syd's and in her book it has a place for a family photo before she is born. So hopefully this photo will make the cut in the baby book!
(I actually have another good one where Adam is holding Syd, but I think she looks super cute right under the belly.)

Normally when we pay a visit I have to bring Syd a gift. Well now that Lil' S'more is on the way it's even easier to buy gifts. That is right it has to be gifts. You know I can't leave Syd out! So here she is in her sweet new pjs that we got her. I think she's braking into the robot right here...and the dudes thought we were just goofing off? I mean having a revival of Dance Party USA is totally important! She's totally skilled.

Day two of work...Syd checking out the scene, and John looking very productive.

A little later we continued our photo shoot. Rebekkah took 14 photos of Syd and I, and this was the best one. Ok there is one other that is kind of good, but this is my fave...AND it has NOTHING to do with the fact that my eyes or open and only have one chin. If you are lucky, I will post all 14 of them on ofoto and then you will be able to see why it's so hard to get the Kyd to sit still.

Before we hit the road we had to get one last belly shot. I mean who knows if I we would be able to get this photographic opportunity again with Re having a basketball under her shirt. You really cannot pass up these moments.
I really had a great time with her and it felt really special to be able to help her prep for the baby. It's really hard to live so far away during such an exciting time. I really should have helped her prep for Sydney too. I don't know what I was thinking. Oh well. Every time I get to visit with Rebekkah I always feel so thankful to have such a good friend in my life, and one who has been there for 20 years! I am hoping and praying that I will be able to make the 6 hour drive up north once she goes into labor (in hopefully 6 weeks.) I know it will be a once in a lifetime experience and I can't believe I'll (hopefully) get to be a part of it.

The baby is already starting to drop and she was having a ton of braxton hicks as well! Oh! And I also got to feel Lil' S'more moving around!! There is nothing I like better than to feel that. Granted it's pretty creepy at the same time, but more fascinating than anything. It also makes me feel closer to the baby. Like getting to touch it before it's born. We were trying to figure out what body parts we were feeling, and I think I had located the butt. It was a pretty firm area. Hopefully it wasn't it's head! I said before, I'm extremely thankful to have Rebekkah in my life, and to even let me be a part of hers and feel up her belly. We may head back next month depending if they need more help with the back room. You know that is my priority!

One last shot of's the only photo John took of the kyd and one of the best ones all weekend. FIGURES!


Sarah said...

What are you talking about? Of course John needs a manly automatic drill screw gun thingy. I'm really surprised you don't have one already. Not having one is like not having a water heater. It can be done, but life just isn't worth living.

Anonymous said...
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Jalene said...

All those expensive toys we buy our kids and when it comes down to it, they really enjoy the simple that a turkey baster I see you & Syd playing with?

Anonymous said...

Sarah and I had our 20th aniversary and it was awesome. Okay, so we sort of forgot about it, but we did reminise once we remembered. It's so cool that you can be so involved in the kyd's and the kyd sisters life. MUCH better than having your own children. Well, I think anyway.

Judy S said...

Wow! I didn't know you were going
to participate in the labor. Here's hoping you don't pass out!!