Thursday, January 3, 2008


Did any of you watch Beauty and the Geek this past season? Well in case you didn’t know, they decided to have a twist this year and have a team that consisted of a female geek and a male beauty. I thought the idea was pretty lame, but that lameness soon turned into ANGER once I realized how unfair the competition became. The male ‘beauty’ was winning (almost) EVERY SINGLE challenge, because he really wasn’t that dumb, and that he possessed male skills that the other females didn't have. Even in some of his interviews I was suspicious of him just acting like he was dumb.

I eventually became convinced that the new team were really actors placed in the show. But that theory soon went in the crapper when they took each other to their hometowns. I then realized that the female geek really was a legit geek, (after seeing her friends). We didn’t learn too much about the beauty except that he likes to take shots of tequila and he has this totally sweet dance move called the ‘Matrix’ where he does that one move from the movie in slow mo. SO GAY!

Anyway…I come home last night and John tells me that he taped me something on TV. He prefaces it with ‘Let me know who you recognize in this scene.’ Within the first half of second I see the beauty staring back at me!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally irate!! I just KNEW he was a fake!!! Granted I think he had only one line in the movie, (Accepted, one of the worst movies made)…but still!

So I IMDBed him and you would not believe how many shows he’s been in! It’s so ridiculous!!! I wonder if the other cast mates even know about it! I think his profession on the show was ‘Model.’ How appropriate! They better not try to pull this crap with the next season.

By the way…anyone in need of a filled top had piñata? We never got around to hitting ours on New Years. :-( Now what do I do with it? Ideas?


Anonymous said...

Eat it! I was supper excited about those mint mini herserys! Also, IF you don't watch BAG you will be casting a vote about how much you disliked the actor/model/"beauty"

Also, remember this is a show by a guy from Dude, Where's My Car? So anything cheaty or horrible must have been when he was SO WASTED!

Sarah said...

This is VERY upsetting to me! I knew that loser looked familiar. I watch a lot of TV so I must have seen him dozens of times. Not only is he a professional douche, he's not even a good actor. I only saw a few episodes of this season, but every time I saw him I thought there was something "off" about him.

The really horrible part is that this asshat stole a perfectly good beauty position from another dude. Last night Molly & I caught a bit of the Tyson/Nikki Taylor model show. There were a TON of guys that would have made a better beauty. Except some of them seems a little smart. I might have to launch my own investigation into finding the beauty that got robbed on this one. Don't worry, I'll figure it all out.

Anonymous said...

The pinata is an awesome thing to keep around the house for a few reasons...
1. We all have New Years resolutions to eat better which includes limiting sweets I'm sure so here is an answer to help you feel better about yourself when you get a work out by beating the pinata and you get your treat. Who knows, you may just burn off any added calories in the battle...a win win.
2. After a bad day at work, who wouldn't want to hit the snot out of some inanimate object to make them feel better. Instead of just feeling worse after hitting something, the reward is a crap load of little guilty pleasures...who wouldn't feel better after that!
Have fun!!!!

Judy S said...

Hey, just take that pinata to work
and have a little pinata thumping at break or lunch. If they'll eat
cupcakes off the asphalt, they will
love a leftover New Year's pinata!

Anonymous said...
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