Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sabering in the New Year

Happy New Year all! I hope you all have a safe and sane New Year's Eve, and hopefully most of you stayed awake to see the ball drop! I've actually been pretty lucky and had the last four days off of work. Why no blogs you ask? I'll tell you why...because I am bloody lazy! Well that is part of the reason...John and I saw a few movies and we were also prepping for our third annual New Year's Eve Party.

Last year the party was a little too big for me to handle, so this year we invited less people, but then even less people were able to attend! Even though the group was smaller, it wound up being the perfect size.

Here's a photo of Molly, (the fondue queen), showing us the proper way to use the Chocolate Fondue Fountain. (Don't mind the crazy in the background).

Here are two crazy white chicks throwing up some gang signs. It's always nice to ring in the New Year with attitude.

So I do have a good photo of Steph and I, but this one made me laugh so, it won the blog position. I cannot remember what happened but I think Steph started to reminisce about the Flock of Seagulls and couldn't stop laughing. This was the result:

The main attraction of the night was some sweet Wii competition. First we had a few rounds of bowling. Here is Steph showing us her stuff:

Next we broke out the Guitar Hero. Biggi was a newbie, so as she is learning in the background, John decided to show us his sweet dance moves. It took me back to the days of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and their band member who was there just to show off his sweet moves. (He did not sing or play an instrument...just danced.)

After a few tries Biggi totally got into it! Check out the toe tapping!!

Look! It gets even better! We were totally impressed.

Then the master decided to show us his stuff by playing a Slayer song. Even though he was impressive and finished the song, the thing you must note in this video is Molly in the background who is practicing by playing the air guitar. She has got the skills!

As it got closer to midnight, we gathered outside as John was going to 'Saber' a champagne bottle. He recently saw a 'how to' segment on it on TV last week and was all amped to test his skills. Luckily for us the sword he used was a dull one that he had bought when we went to Spain in '95. I was hoping we wouldn't wind up spending the night at the hospital due to an amputation, which we didn't. Of course I had to get a video as proof, as I know none of you would not believe these skills if you didn't see it for yourselves. This takes TOTAL skill.

Molly with her commentary on the historic event:

Once we toasted in the New Year we decided to get on with the 'Re-gift Gift Exchange.' This actually a really handy gift exchange to have after Christmas. (Hans and Steph had to leave early to pick up Lucas, so John and Molly stepped in for them.) Here is Ken with the gift that was voted BEST gift of the night:
As you can see Ken was SO excited to received these sexy under garments (also note David in the background who brought them to the exchange), however his happiness ended shortly when John stole them from him for Hans. (Steph aren't you excited???).

Here is John with his sweet golf club cover, as you can see they were quite the buddies...which is good, because no one stole that gem from him. I'm thinking we might need to re-gift that for my dad next Christmas.

Here is Molly with her 'Urban bear.' This bear all threw us for a loop. You can't really tell how odd it looks from this photo, but it was a little disturbing.
Steph said she got it as a gift for Lucas, but it was really quite scary. We are hoping Molly's nephew will enjoy it on his birthday this year.

Sam was lucky enough to get Molly's gift, doesn't she look thrilled?
You know Molly is sitting back there thinking 'SUCKER! I bet you wish you would have stolen my bear now!'

After the exchange the night winded down. I mean some of those gifts were pretty hard to top!

I want to thank everyone for coming to my party, and I hope the rest of you all had a great Christmas and Near Year's. This year has got to be better than last year right? One nice thing is that the New Year always reminds of my anniversary of when I moved down here to SLO. 8 years and counting! Oh and I have another anniversary as well! It's my blog anniversary! I started this inspiring, tear jerking site about a year ago as well...so thank all of YOU for visiting it!


Anonymous said...

I do not need that headcover. I have an image to maintain at REG&CC. I loved Molly's air guitar.

Sarah said...

I see Molly kept the Chicas covered this time. I love how her party hat matches her outfit.

John is really freakin' cool. Was he this cool in high school? I don't think so. Otherwise I'm sure I would have remembered him more.

And re-gifting panties? What a wonderful idea! It's genius!

Mauleigh said...

Wow!! What a great party! Thanks hostests with the mostest! Irene says "You've got some craker friends" and about John, "Oh, that guy is the funny one."

Anyone want a bear?

Judy S said...

I regret not being able to see a more revealing photo of the perv bear!

Also, better to be throwing up gang signs than other stuff (like
some people do when they drink too much on New Year's. You know what I mean!)

Judy S said...

I'm baaaack! My computer finally let me watch the vids and I just want to congratulate my son-in-law
on his cool dance moves. He can dance for my band any time! Also,
kudos to Biggi who is now a celeb on Youtube! Oh, and no one seemed more surprised than John at his seamless opening of the champagne bottle! !Que talentoso!