Sunday, January 6, 2008

Paper Anyone?

Are you all ok?? Did any of you drown out there this past weekend? It really rained a lot here in SLO, considering it rains maybe 5 days out of the WHOLE year. John and I just love it as we really do miss the rain. That is what growing up in Humboldt will do to ya. Unfortunately most of the rain as been in the evenings so we haven't been able to watch it...but it is great to listen to!

On Friday I was REALLY hoping that our power would go out, which it did!!!! AT 4:45pm!!! Can you believe that crap? I guess I can hope that it goes off tomorrow. We didn't loose power here at home all weekend. I think we were pretty lucky. I was ready though...all candles and flashlights were on hand. A few weeks ago we lost power for about a half hour, and I literally stumbled around to find the flashlight. I also received a gigantic bruise on my thigh from the stumbling around.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I still think I'm unwinding from the madness in December. We had to make some returns at the outlets in Pismo, and I was lucky enough to be the one who benefited from them...a new pair of shoes and some shirts are now in my closet. I feel so bad shopping after Christmas though since I almost went into cardiac arrest when I saw my Visa bill.

Today has been a real productive day and it's actually made the day seem really long! I probably couldn't do it again if I tried. I worked on a freelance website (I'll post the link when it's complete), packaged up some items for the mail, helped make dinner, and just finished working on a treat for Jen. Monday is Jen's birthday, so "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!" I hope you like what I have for you.

I already gave her her gift which was a custom necklace from Lisa Leonard. (She's another blogger that I stock.) If you go here, and scroll down until you see 'The Original Necklace' design you will see the exact necklace I got her. Kind of weird that her model necklace had the same exact names as Jen's daughters. But sweet for me since I knew it would look good!

John and I have also been entertaining ourselves this weekend by watching season 2 of The Office. I think that is my favorite season...I mean can you really beat the Christmas party episode? Or the Injury? (Michael AND Dwight both need taming with a squirt can't get any classier than that!) This Office drought is really killing us, but watching the old episodes has REALLY helped. I don't stay up late enough to watch the re-runs on TNT, but those of you who do, you better watch them, or Agent Michael Scorn will come to your house and shoot you.


Sarah said...

I never really liked the rain when I lived in HC, but now I love it. Maybe because it only rains a few months out of the year instead of everyday...or almost every day. These storms created a lake in front of my house. Now I've always wanted a pool (mostly so I could get a pool boy) but this isn't exactly how I imagined it.

Molly and I watched Season 1 of Dexter this weekend. Next weekend I might have to have a marathon of The Office. It's been a few months and I'm really feeling the need to reconnect with my tv family. I love "The Injury." Possibly because I have been there myself. I cooked my finger on the toaster oven at work. That might have been an overshare.

Anonymous said...

Amber! Get mice to chew thought the electical cords. Not only will you get the day off, you'll also have ended the lives of a couple of rodents.

Daniel and Brianne said...

I agree the lack of The Office on TV has disturbed the flow of my week. How much longer can this go on! Its madness! I do watch at night on TNT though so I can drift into sleep with the sweet sounds of Dwight's rants. Hehe!
Glad you didn't wash away in the rain...we're intact in our part of the state. Oh, and we did loose power....not that exciting though when it happens when your sleeping and you have to wake up and reset all of your clocks. Bummer.

Judy S said...

We didn't drown, but the dining
room ceiling and the wall on one
side are wet from a leak. That should count for something. I am listening to the drip, drip, drip and hoping the whole ceiling doesn't fall in...

Jalene said...

Thanks for being such a diligent stalker. Without you, I never would have seen Lisa's site and had such a pretty necklace made with baby Quinn's name! Keep up the good work.