Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mini Horse Security

One of my favorite shows that is actually airing NEW episodes right now is Rob and Big (on MTV). Now if you have not had a chance to get to know Rob, Big Black, Meaty, and Mini Horse, I HIGHLY suggest you tune in. New episodes are on Tuesday nights at 10 or 10:30pm...I'm not sure. I'm sleeping at that time! Cut me some slack…you know all of my TV watching is done via my DVR (greatest invention EVER). You know they should really rename it…ATRE…Awesomeist Technology Device Ever. Then they can rename the ipod too to iSATDE…Second Awesomeist Technology Device Ever.

Anyway the last Rob and Big episode hit a little too close to home when all four of them, (animals included), took a road trip to Santa Rosa…and of course passing through SLO County!! Their quest was to enter Mini Horse in a Mini Horse Competition. You heard me right. There is actually a large mini horse community that holds showing competitions! What is WORSE is that was held in Santa Rosa! I was so embarrassed. Granted that isn't Humboldt County...but pretty darn close…especially when growing up, SR was the 'big city' we'd get to visit to shop at Macy's and eat at Chick-Fil-A and Tony Roma's.

On their way up north they stopped in Pismo for the night and also went dune bugying. Right when they started brodying out on the dunes John and I looked at each other at the same time and said 'Why haven't we done that?' It looked like SO much fun.

I am pretty bummed that our paths didn't cross when they were in town. Could you imagine? I could have asked them if they needed a tour guide for the trip since they were headed up to my old stompin' grounds. I mean I could have at least shown them where the mall is!

The show proceeded to get funnier and funnier, with them stopping at a Spa in Napa and taking a mud bath. Now we knew there was no way BB would be able to fit into that small tub, and the poor dude totally didn't! He kept trying to squish his way in there, but all he was doing was pushing the mud out of the tub. Let me tell you that I felt sorry for the clean up crew for that room.

They finally made it to SR with all the serious mini horse competitors. It was really interesting to see their costumes along with one hard core lady who was even wearing a vest made out of a horse material.

At one point they were told by one lady on the DL that Mini Horse needed a haircut because he was lookin' pretty ghetto. Once Mini Horse got a makeover, and the two dudes put on their bling cowboy outfits they were ready! I won't tell you how it ends, because you really have to watch it for yourself if you get the chance. You know MTV will rerun it about 500 more times before next Tuesday.

It is truly amazing how each season of the show has gotten better and better. I am afraid that this could be the last, because in the clip below Rob says how Big Black recently got married.

Check out this clip if you have a chance. It's about 9 minutes but pretty funny, and will also give you a good idea if you would enjoy the show...which I know you would!


shane nickerson said...

Great review! Thanks for the kind words, Amber. Wait til this coming Tuesday. It's one of my favorite episodes yet. :)

Sarah said...

You forgot to mention Drama. He's an integral part of the show too.

ATRE…Awesomeist Technology Device Ever? Wouldn't that be ATDE? Either way I need one.

Judy S said...

Ummm. It's on at 10:30 on Tues.
If you watched your own video clip,
you would notice that was mentioned. So sad that the big guy
got married. It could spell the end of their show! What WAS he thinkin'?

Judy S said...

Just an aside about mini-horses.
I read about a mini-horse that lives at Best Friends in Utah and
he fetches sticks and rolls on his back--tricks he learned from dogs who live at Best Friends. They had a photo that showed the horse carrying a stick in his mouth. (Best Friends takes care of all kinds of rescued animals.)

Anonymous said...

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