Monday, January 7, 2008

You Gonna Eat That?

Last night I made Jen some birthday cupcakes to enhance her celebration today. I was pretty excited to put on my faux pocket homemade apron, (don’t you always feel better when you look better?), and start baking. I really can’t believe that I actually enjoy baking. I guess it helps that the last few things I made didn’t taste like cardboard.

Everything went really smoothly…no spills…no burnt tops…and even the frosting went well! I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying myself. I really felt like a homemaker. Dang this old age!!

I had two tins that each held about 9 cupcakes. I had stacked them and placed them sideways in a brown paper bag. I thought it would be much easier to carry one item vs. two…right?

I had a load of stuff to take to work with me, (including a cute Japanese calendar John got for me for Christmas). I loaded up my arms and the last thing I picked up was the calendar. For one split second I focused all of my attention solely on the calendar, and before I knew it the top container of the cupcakes slid out of the bag and landed on asphalt! I just looked at the bottom side of the container in shock!! How did this happen? I was totally dreading to have to pick it up…knowing all my hard work was probably ruined…and it was. It looked like a cupcake massacre had just taken place! There was nothing I could do but laugh. I mean what are the chances? I had so carefully packed them in the container…then in the car, to only take one step and have them smushed?

Luckily Jen didn’t seem to mind, and everyone told me they still tasted good. I know I should have taken a photo of the remains, but I was a little too frazzled when it happened. Plus cell phone photos look like crap.

Happy birthday anyway Jen!!


Sarah said...

I bet they tasted delicious! And you could have blamed the accident on John.

And I'll have you know my cell phone takes great pictures. They totally make me look older. If I needed a pic for a fake ID, I'd totally have it. But I'm old now so I don't need a fake ID. Plus I'm pretty sure that's illegal. And I do go down for the illegal stuff. I'm shocked you'd even suggest it. I bet it was John's idea. (See how easy it is to blame him??)

Judy S said...

Did everyone feel sorry for you?
Is that why they were willing to eat cupcakes that had been smushed
on asphalt? I don't think your co-workers are getting enough cupcakes in their diet.

Of course you are a baker! The nut doesn't fall far from the tree...