Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Somthing Smells Good!

Here is the apron I made for my mom for Christmas. I know I said I was going to post these AGES ago, but I haven't had much time due to Guitar Hero. (I swear that thing is like the black hole). I think she was pretty excited about it, even if it was a pretty easy project.

Here are the aprons I made for Rebekkah and her daughter Sydney. These were a lot of fun, because I thought fabric was so cute. I was really wingin' it with Syd's apron since I didn't have a patter, but luckily it looked good on her. (I know...I know...I should have posted the photos of her in the apron, but it's almost my bed time, so you peeps need to take what I'm dishin' out!).
(I did not make the chef hat, but I did add her name to it.)


Sarah said...

Where's my apron? Now I feel left out!

Judy S said...

It's true that a homemade present is the BEST kind.
I am still excited!

Anonymous said...

Super Cute!!