Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 11: Grub

Today we started out very excited to go to a DDD called Cabbagetown. We get there...pumped... and it looked closed. What? I just check their website. I got out of the car and looked in the window to find it cleared out!!! What the heck? We just saw this place on a recent episode! Needless to say I was pretty mad about it.

What was our back up plan? The Silver Skillet. The very first DDD we went to during our visit last year. Needless to say we were not disappointed (again.) Their food is so basic and so darn good! Of course I had to get another coke (as they really do taste better here.)

Another highlight of the meal was that the owner was there and I got to chat with her when I checked out. Her segment with Guy is one of my all time favorites. She was super nice and very excited that we came back a second time to eat there.

After we stuffed our faces we headed to the aquarium. We went there last year and it was even better! This year they had beluga whales and penguins. It was very hard to decide what I should photograph for my blog but once I realized I needed something that wasn't moving fast I settled on this guy.

There were two Albino crocs which I though was even more rare!

After the afternoon with the fish we came back and the babysitter showed up so we could hit the town! Well not really...but we did go to a other DDD...The Highlander. We went to this DDD a year ago but they do not allow anyone under 21! Can you believe it? I am thankful we went back because the food was really good and they had cider on tap! Sweet!!


Sarah said...

Is this still in Atlanta? Why does the Coke taste better?

Sarah said...

Cider on tap is the best.

Amber said...

Yes, these photos are still from Atlanta. Coke tastes better because Coke is made in Atlanta! It is everywhere down there.

Saraholic said...

what crocs! awesome! also there's a silver skillet in sacramento and it's a truck stop.
once one of the anchors at the station saw james gandalfini there! the sopranos guy.