Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 3: Moving Day

I am exhausted. Totally exhausted and I have no idea why. My day started off great. I had to be at work by 9 so I was able to sleep in and go for a walk. (I could get used to having extra morning time.)

I got to work and watched the movers do their thing. This one mover told me that he liked my hair and tried to make small talk. Then as I was walking away he asked me my name. I left thinking...that was odd. Then I realized that he was flirting with me! Duh!

After lunch we went to the new office and I was capturing some of the moving action with my co-worker, Cheryl's, flip cam. Guess who I happen to film? Mr. Flirty... who goes ahead and flexes for me while moving a file cabinet into the office. Reeeeeeeeeal nice. I had to tell Cheryl what kind of footage I got and she asked me if it was the same mover who rode the scooter. I told her I wasn't sure, then she told me that he asked her what her name was! I said THAT IS THE DUDE!

Right before the movers finished Mr. Flirty came by to tell is good bye and Cheryl presented him with a #1 Movers trophy (aka a soccer trophy she got at a garage sale and then labeled it with a sharpie.)

Was it the perfect photo of the day? Yes. Yes it was.


Sarah said...

He'd like to move you. He'd move you real good.

Saraholic said...

ditto what Sarah D. said.
and i love the trophy.