Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This past Friday I became a non-blood related aunt for the 5th time!! Please help me welcome Gigi Louise!

I have been expecting photo updates from the new parents as they are tech savvy and both have iphones…however my demands have not been met. As a result, I have been mildly harassing them for photos. (Maybe my friend Rebekkah spoiled me when she had her two kids as I was getting photo updates all the time??) However I know grandma is down there helping them, so I would think they would get a few mini breaks while she holds her to snap some shots.

John and I are very hopeful that the new parents will start a blog for Gigi. Nothing major…just a few photos here ant there…or once a week. Our other 4 nieces and nephew live 8 hours away, and there were many months that would pass where we wouldn’t see the kids…and when we did we wouldn’t even recognize them! I am really hoping the same thing doesn’t happen with Gigi. I know only living 3 hours away from her will make a big difference in the amount of time we will get to visit with her so I am very optimistic.

Right now the plan is to meet Gigi during our Thanksgiving break, but we have yet to confirm it.

Be prepared for MASSIVE photos when we get back…although I’m sure 90% of them will be of her sleeping.


Sarah said...

She's beautiful!

Brianne said...

She's perfect! And of course I love the name!!!