Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 8: Big City Lights

Well today sucked. Not really sure why as it was my Friday. I don't know...something was off.

The most exciting thing that happened at work was that the repair guy was there testing the heater. Hopefully I won't have to bring gloves in on monday and the temp will be regulated.

I am currently in San Francisco waiting for our friend to come home so we can take advantage of staying at his place for free. I am seeing my neck doctor tomorrow morning and then we are flying out to Atlanta to visit my friend Rebekkah. I think this trip might be our cheapest ever as we have free accommodations as well as a free flight since I used our credit card reward points.

Here was our view right as we got into the city. It is raining here. Odd.

I had planned to take a photo of my dinner, (we went to our fave cheese steak place), but I got caught up in an eating frenzy and spaced it.


Sarah said...

Are you saying it's odd that it's raining in San Francisco? In November? You need to get out of the sunshine strip more often.

Big D said...

Tell Re hello. I got a nice message from her. She will always be RC to me, my third daughter.

Saraholic said...

cool photo! and SD is right it isn't odd that it's raining in SF in Nov. ;)
Have a great trip in ATL! I can't wait for the photos!