Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 4, 5, & 6: The Weekend

Day 4: The Kilt
Friday night I met up with some of my old co-workers to celebrate one of their birthdays. We met up at The Kilt which has been in town for maybe 6 months. I LOVE The Kilt. They have the BEST salad there, (buffalo chicken), that I get every time and one of my new fave drinks, The Kilt Lifter. (They also have Irish cider, but not on tap.)

Nothing blog worth really happened, (I know shocker!), but it was still a lot of fun.

Day 4: Violet
Saturday I got my hair colored, and my salon had just moved locations. A new addition in their waiting area were these SUPER cool old hair dryer chairs. Check out the ashtrays in the arm rests! Just like old airplane seats.
At the old location they had these awesome 'Hollywood' lights on either side of the mirror. However in their new place the lights are no more. (Old photo is on the right.)I decided to have some of the unnatural color of my hair dyed back to brown. The hair only took to some of the color and you can still see some of the pink under the brown. My hair dresser said she could dye it darker, but I told her that I liked the muted pink. I decided to go with a new violet color which looks pretty good with the pink. It will be interesting to see how it fades. Since it is also a new bleach job the color will probably fade pretty fast.

Day 4: Cafe
Sunday morning John and I went to one of our fave coffee shops in town Steynberg Gallery. They have one of the best cappuccinos in town. Inside there is a small counter with seats that faces the main window. On the window ledge next to two seats are the following signs:
Once again I don't have an exciting story to go along with the photos. So I hope you enjoyed the photos.


Sarah said...

I love the retro dryer chairs. Did you get to sit in one?

Amber said...

I did...but just to wait until my hairdresser was ready. Not to dry.

Saraholic said...

great photos! especially the ones of the chairs. love them... and why isn't there a photo of the hair!

Saraholic said...

p.s. i think you need to write, Amber Grundman sat here and John Grundman sat here on that window sil