Friday, November 19, 2010


On Friday I received my totally awesome new iPhone 4 cover. Check it out!Lance tweeted a twitpic of this cover months ago, and of course they were not for sale to the public. A few months ago I emailed LIVESTRONG and asked them if the cover was going to be sold. I received a general message back saying it wasn't for sale. Dang.

However a week after later LIVESTRONG put the phone cover on the market! I was so excited that I bought it THAT day, but I had to wait a month for it to ship. The flags represent the different countries of the cyclists that are on team Radio Shack, and the 28 represents the 28 million people who are currently living with cancer.


Sarah said...

I like how you say "iPhone 4" so we know you aren't one of those losers stuck with an iPhone 3.

Saraholic said...

that's pretty cool.. although I think I really like the cassette tape cover... yeah yeah I know Livestrong is for a good cause, blah blah blah.