Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 14: Plum

A few months ago I bought a GAP coupon on Groupon. I thought it would be no prob to use the coupon in 3 months because I always go to the GAP...right? Nope. I had yet to even go to the GAP over the last few months and my coupon expired on Friday! I panicked and told John we had to go use it ASAP. I still couldn't that it had been at least 6 months since I had been to the GAP. (This is very unusual since my entire wardrobe normally consists of 95% GAP.)

Have any of you been to the GAP recently? If so, have you noticed anything particular about their prices? Maybe that they are EXTREMELY high?? Every sweater, (including turtlenecks), were all around $50, business pants were $65, and plain white t-shirts were $15. Seriously! When did all of their prices get jacked up? I am still completely appalled. Who would pay $15 for a plain t-shirt when you can get the same shirt at F21 for $3? What happened to my fave reasonably priced clothing store? Am I getting that cheap or are their prices way too high?

Regardless of my sticker shock, I did buy this SUPER cute bag! What do you think? I am all about purses with adjustable straps now days that am walking a lot more...and it being plum? It was meant to be.


Sarah said...

I love that bag! Now I want one too.

Syddison said...

My groupon almost expired. I really like the bag. I wish I had seen it last week when I used my groupon!! I did get a cute plum shirt. I had not been to GAP in a very long time and I thought the prices were high also. Good Call. I am glad you got a cute bag out of the deal!

Maggie Mae said...

1) LOVE the bag! And I agree, purses/bags these days MUST have the long strap to be worn messenger bag style. Are we getting old? and,
2) AGREED! Gap prices have gotten way high. I also got the Groupon, and I also panicked about having to use it by Friday. Granted, I haven't shopped at Gap in quite some time, but still I had extreme sticker shock!!! I bought only sale items with my Groupon because I refused to pay full price--even though I was technically already getting half off! Lame. Glad you found the bag, that was totally worth it!

the actor's diet said...

i love the bag and the color! one of my fave bags i use is from old navy for $5

Saraholic said...

that is a great bag especially if you're traveling.. or walking around site seeing.