Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 12: FO

Saturday was our last day in Hotlanta. We didn't do too much...did a little shopping, ran a couple of errands, got the girls photos taken with Santa, and ate some more good food.

The night ended with a dessert stop at The Varsity for their famous Frozen Orange AKA FO. We were introduced to The Varsity and their awesome FO last year and I must admit I was worried I wasn't going to get one this trip, but low and behold the BEST HOSTESS EVER pulled through 10 hours before we were to leave the state. Here is my gigantic FO and it was even BETTER than I remembered.

Here is an added photo bonus for you...the mandatory group photo we had taken before going into the Aquarium.

And.................the group shot from last year. (I am impressed they have changed the background image).


Samantha said...

If the FO is anything like the Orange Whip at Zippy's in Hawaii then it is awesome!

Sarah said...

Addison doesn't seem all that impressed.

Saraholic said...

mm FO sounds yummy