Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2: Box City

(I just realized that I didn't number my first photo post. Does it matter if they are numbered if I didn't set a number goal for myself?)

My company is moving offices tomorrow so the majority of the week we have been packing things up. I actually didn't have that much to pack since we moved (within the same building) in march. I have found it interesting how much stuff people have to move or are throwing out. We knew we would be moving again at the end of the year.

I'm not sentimental about the move and am actually quite excited. Our new office will be closer to town and my house...which means I will be able to bike to work! How crazy is that? I could even walk if I wanted to.

Today we shut down around noon and got to leave at 2pm! I was so excited! When do you ever get to have a free afternoon? Since it was 90 degrees here today I decided to spend my free hours at the beach.

It was 77 when I got there which was nice but man the flies were driving me crazy! They were everywhere and driving everyone else crazy too. Is it this time of year or something?

(Also I know I posted two photos...consider it a bonus!)


Saraholic said...

i'm jealous because a.) you get to bike/walk to work. b.) you got to go to the beach. i hate you. ;)

Brianne said...

I'm definitely jealous of the beach shot but even more so of the app you're using to edit these photos....what is it?

Sarah said...

FYI I just established your number goal for the photo blogs. It's 5,000. You're welcome.