Monday, January 8, 2007

Christmas is Over

Well it became official this past weekend at 1010 Yarrow, that Christmas is officially over and the snowmen will have to hibernate for another 352 days. (Even though I still have two more Christmas entries to post). Packing up our decorations was the most productive thing we did this past weekend, (besides run a few errands). John ventured up into our unfinished attic to store the Christmas bins. He was quite disgusted at how sloppily the added on attic was built. Looks like another project has been added to the list. There are wires running every which way and the crumbly insulation really doesn't look like it's doing much. Hopefully the next time we have a visitor w/ a truck we will be able to pick up some ply wood to lay on the floor.

I have come to realize that unless we don't have an agenda for the weekend we really don't get much accomplished. I know it's good to have some lazy days, but I do like to be somewhat productive. I did finish up my Amsterdam comments and uploaded most of the photos from Brugge. (That was as small dent in a huge task). Depending on how many clever comments I get regarding the photos I may have to post them... I've already gotten two good ones.

I also have to post about my head injury last week. Let's just say that there was a lot of blood and a lot of tears. Stay tuned...

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