Saturday, January 6, 2007

Don't Cry over Spit Up Milk

We got up early Christmas morning and headed over to John's parents house. We made it just before the Cox Clan showed up… or should I say before the mayhem began. It was really great to see everyone, especially the twins Chloe and Allie who had grown so much since we had seen them the month before. The family had actually grown by 4 this past year w/ the addition of Molly's new pups Bonnie and Clyde. They made the trip up to LA and were really good troopers as long as their mom was near. Clyde still had to be on Molly's lap even when she was holding a twin! It was pretty cute.
Maddy and Bow were huge helpers by passing out gifts and opening their own. John and I scored again by getting a memory foam mattress cover and a clothes steamer. I had completely stopped ironing clothes in November hoping that we would be blessed with a steamer. Thanks Molly!
After the gift extravaganza we had a great turkey dinner and then just hung out for the rest of the day. I got to hold Allie for most of the day, which was really great. Chloe is a bit more particular in who holds her, as she prefers to be with her mom. I got to feed Allie two bottles as well. The first one went off without a hitch. (I've had practice feeding Sydney before). However the second one was a different story. Allie was half sleeping and sucking on the bottle which I thought was no prob until she finished. I set her up to find out that the milk had leaked all over her and myself! How did I not notice? I felt like such a dofuss!
Even though all I did was hold a baby all day, and allow her to give herself a milk bath, I was totally exhausted! I don't know how Sarah and Jay do it everyday watching 4 kids. I am truly amazed.


Molly said...

If there is anything I've learned about Avery -- you have to wear a plastic poncho when ever you're around him as he always oozes liquids. I'm glad to hear all babys are the same.

Judy said...

Boo--You are quite a writer! You have come a long way from those learning disability days! I will read some more tomorrow!