Saturday, January 20, 2007

Waffles and beer?

As most of you know I finally posted our Amsterdam and Brugge photos on ofoto. Brussels and Luxembourg have been uploaded too but aren't ready to send out. We should be done with at least Brussels this weekend. John totally helped me out by adding comments to the album and now I need to go through make sure he didn't say anything embarrassing like how I splattered tomato sauce all over myself.

I am always very grateful when any of you comment on the photos, as it's a lot of work and I like to know you guys enjoy them. I've gathered a few of my favorite comments that I've received over the last few weeks.

Regarding the Amsterdam photos:

Why is John always with a beer?
- Big D Scott

They should have gone to Amsterdamn.
Amster, Amster (clap clap clap)
Amster, Amster (clap clap clap)
They should have gone to Amsterdamn.
- Molly A.

Nice pics of Amsterdam, although I'm not sure you captured how steep those stairs were. Tell John to get to the gym once in a while, and then it might not be such a problem! ;)
- Scotty F.

I just had a European experience. Did not even have to spend a dime:)
- Jaymie P.

After our Friday movie, I could not help but notice you are minus your bling in the photos.
Jen C.

John is always starting new trends here in the USA, now the more of the world gets to reap the benefits!
-- Rebekkah S. (Referencing the photo of his side belt)

I have received very few comments about Brugge, but I do have one worthy enough to post:

Great photos, but waffles and beer? – Big D Scott

If you are creative enough on the upcoming albums, you just might make it here! I know it is such an amazing goal to strive for. You can do it!

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Big D said...

You are making me famous! When we come down to SLO, John has to serve me his specialty; beer and more beer (maybe a little waffle on the side)