Sunday, January 28, 2007

So Scandaless

This past weekend John and I went and saw Notes on a Scandal, which we both highly recommend! Judi Dench and Cate were so good! For those of you who do not know the plot, let me summarize. Judi and Cate are both teachers. Cate starts to have an affair with one of her students and Judi finds out about it. She doesn't literally blackmail her, but does a modified version of it. It was very entertaining... so much so that I didn't want the movie to tend! I think they could have added on at least an extra 30 mins to it. Both ladies are also nominated for Academy Awards as well. There is this one scene where I actually felt sorry for Cate! What the heck! She was the adulteress! The only downfall of the movie is that Cate's character's name is Sheba. What kind of name is that? Even Judi called her 'S' a couple of times. She clearly felt my pain.

**Note: For those teachers out there... it does not give teacher a bad name. After talking with mom this evening, this was a concern of hers, but I assured her that the thought "Man! That Sheba sure is a hoe! I bet all those FUHS teachers were hoes!" never entered my mind.


Judy said...

Oh, SURE you never thought that!!!
Now you have given everyone the idea!

Mauleigh said...

Okay, So I finally saw this movie, adn you're right! I totally LOVED it!! LOVED IT!! LOVED IT!!