Thursday, January 4, 2007

Don't Cry over Spilt Bloody Marys

On Christmas eve, the men got up early and headed to the golf course. My sister came over and while we waited for my mom to wake up we attempted a quick photo shoot with the pups. I think we got a few good shots. Amy found some treats in the kitchen which we later learned were stale… maybe that is why it sounded like Bella was chewing on a rock! Poor pups. They must have been pretty desperate to do tricks for stale treats!

I thought this photo was one of the funnier ones since none of the dogs are paying attention to me! You will have to wait until I upload the rest to ofoto to see the good ones.

After that we headed to the grocery store to get some stuff I needed for the chocolate fondue fountain for desert that night. Then we headed over to our friends Lori's house to visit for a few hours. It's always great to see her and her nicely decorated home. She is the one who inspired me to have an all snowman Christmas tree this year. I do love it, so thanks Lori!

After that we went over to pick my Grandma up. While Amy was getting the car, my grandma told a young man, (who was visiting w/ his grandpa), that she had two available granddaughters! I had to put the kibosh on that and him that I was sorry we were not available! It was pretty funny.

We finally made it back home and then the golfers returned w/ many stories (of course). The first one was that John slid down a hill going after his ball, so his whole right side was covered in mud! No one was around him at the time, but I'm sure it was a classy fall. A few years ago during the Christmas golf match he slid down the driving range. At least that year he didn't have any golf shoes. I don't know what his excuse was for this year.

Next we learned that my Uncle Eric rear ended the back of John and Dave's golf cart! It wasn't just a tap either! I guess Eric was driving from the passenger's side and obviously not looking where he was going! Even though some were suffering from mild whiplash, the main concern was that their bloody marys had spilled!

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Martha said...

Hi Amber,

Sarah V. sent me the link. It is so much fun to see what a sweet and fun person you turned out to be!

Say hi to your mom for me.