Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It only took 19 Months

Ever since we moved into this house we have been on the look out for a piece of furniture that is 33" wide. In our bedroom there is a space that narrow in between our closets. Currently we are using a night stand as a TV stand in that spot. However it is SO short that when you lay down in the bed you can only see the top 5 inches of the TV. We've been looking pretty desperately and still have found nothing close to that width.

At Christmas time we went to the Costco in Eureka and found a lingerie cabinet that was 32"! We could not believe it! We came back to the SLO Costco and found they were sold out, except for the floor model. Mr. Costco then informed me that they do not sell the floor model if they are getting more of the item in, which they were. No I thought. We returned on the day that they got more in and by the time we got there they were sold out AND had sold the floor model! I was SO mad! Mr. Costco then checked in his computer and told us there were 7 of them in Livermore. A lot of good that is going to do us! So I gave the dude the bird and then we left.

This past weekend John and I went on Ikea to check out what kind of cheap shelving we could find. We found some good stuff in a lighter baby poop color for around $200...but the shipping was also $200! Great deal eh? After some research we found an Ikea in West Sacramento and decided to stop there on our way back home this Sunday.

Last night John and I went to Costco to get some food platters for a work event he had today. While we were there we perused the furniture section like we always do...and what do we find? A book cabinet that's 26" wide! AND the color is SO similar to our current bedroom furniture! I could not believe it! So we buy it and the next step is getting it into the backseat of my car. After unpacking it in the parking lot we barely fit it into the car.

Next I had to dispose of the evidence. I first pushed the cart w/ the cardboard in the parking spot next to ours and then made a mad dash to the car...but then the cart started rolling back to my car! So then I had to push it up to the front of the store and make a mad dash. I think we would have gone unnoticed if John hadn't of brodied out.

Here is a before and after photo. I know I should have gotten the edge of the bed in the first photo, but I didn't. Deal with it.

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