Friday, January 5, 2007

Wheat Thins and Trumpet Toots

We had a great Christmas Eve meal courtesy of Senora Scott. The roast did take a hour longer than expected to cook which was unfortunate, because I was starving. I was so famished that I had to break into the wheat thins! It was definitely worth the wait though. John and I really need to try to cook a prime rib… so tasty!

Next it was on to the chocolate fondue fountain! I was so excited to use it for the first time. We had tons of goodies to dip. My favorites were the pound cake, rice krispie balls, and pineapple!

After we stuffed ourselves we headed into the living room to start our traditional Christmas Free Gift Exchange. Throughout the whole year you are supposed to collect any free items you receive and wrap them up! This year I had a great variety of free crap, I mean goodies. Last year my uncle forgot to bring something, but he went out to his car and found a CD to wrap up. It was pretty good! So this year we figured that the chance of him forgetting again was high, and he did. I told him to go out to his car to find something, which he did. Sweet I thought! That was easy... yeah easy until we saw what he wrapped up!

That is right folks…it was a water bottle! Can you believe that one? I'm just glad I wasn't the one who unwrapped it! Poor Uncle Brian. I do know one thing… next year if Eric forgets, he will not be allowed to participate. After all of the gifts are distributed we then vote on who we thought brought the best gift. My dad won by one vote and I came in second. The prize was the board game Scattegoires, and since my dad isn't a huge game player I got to take home the prize!

Here are the votes.

After that we opened gifts. We do a gift exchange w/ both families and it has reduced the stress of Christmas shopping so much! John scored a sweet kitchen vacuum sealer from my dad, and I got some clothes from the GAP, some snowmen ornaments, and other small stuff.

Right when we think the night is winding down, my dad shows up with his trumpet! I think it's probably been 20 years since I last heard him play! He sounded pretty good except for a sticky key.


jenna said...

wow, I missed a LOT! I've been behind myself in both blogging and checking other's blogs! I made Jay post the last blog on our site because I did the last few and couldn't bring myself to do another with out him chiming in somewhere. Anyways, I loved reading about all of your adventures over the holidays! Sounds like a blast and I'm sorry we missed your annual New Year's Eve Celebration...I'm sure it was much more fun than what we did (going downtown and missing the fireworks and hanging out with the obnoxious drunk denverites...)

Judy said...

Please, no more pictures of killer whales!

dan said...

Rachel Ray is everywhere. Even your blog! So scary.