Monday, January 15, 2007

Double Down

Another Christmas entry? That’s right peeps! I still have a few more tid bits to tell you, but more importantly I wanted to post the following photos!

On the day after Christmas we headed up to Eureka because the Big Guy wanted to get a new TV, and a new TV he did get! But it was out of stock so we did not get to check it out at the house. I’m sure it’s really nice though. The mall was totally dead! I couldn’t believe how empty the parking lot and stores were. It was quite shocking. After a tad of shopping we headed to the newest Indian Casino in Loleta! If you can believe it, there are 3 casinos in Humboldt. I was impressed at how big it was… but man was it smokey! It seems like no matter where you go there are always the typical gamblers/smokers. I got to play black jack… but it was ‘Spanish’ black jack, which means there weren’t any 10’s in the deck! Can you believe that one? I mean the game is hard enough, but take away those cards and it’s like you are playing a slot machine. I may have lost about $25… but at least I didn’t lost it all! I started getting the gambling fever again after the FzioMed Christmas party (future entry). I forgot how much I like it! I wonder how often I would have gone there had the casino been built earlier.

When we got back to Fortuna we were all a bit tired. Molly put in The Illusionist, which was really good. Well the parts I saw were good! I think John was the only one that did not nod off. Then the Cox clan showed up again, and we all had to snap to it! Bowie brought over a shooting/target game he got for Christmas, which was really neat. Here he is taking aim.

I was also fortunate enough to have MORE crab for dinner. I can always count on my in-laws to stock up for my visit. Oh I forgot to mention on Christmas morning that the Big Guy handed me a bucket of crab, and I said ‘Thanks!’ Then a little later he asked where the crab was for the omelet he was cooking. ‘Uhhhhhh what crab?’ I thought he gave me the crab to eat! Not to shell! Granted I did offer to help him earlier, but I didn’t know that is when he needed it! Don’t worry, I cracked a bunch more for Jay’s omelet. However this crab was all mine:

We just hung out for the rest of the night and I fed another bottle to Allie SUCCESSFULLY. Here’s one last photo of them. They are super cute.

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Judy said...

Tom should be glad you didn't eat
the entire bucket!!