Tuesday, January 2, 2007

On the Road

So one thing I've learned very quickly about blogging… don't get behind! Geesh! When we got back from Christmas, I thought I'd have plenty of time to write about our exciting adventures in Fortuna. Boy was I wrong! Now it's already the New Year and I'm already behind! I'm hoping now that I don't have a trip to plan for, a holiday to prepare for, or a party clean for I should have more time. We will see…

So on to Christmas… Overall we had a great visit with both families. On our way up north we did get to stop at St. John's for the cheese steaks, which were great, and also made time to stop at the Steinbucks. I was hoping to get off work early to allow more visiting time, but that didn't happen. We invaded Adam and Rebekkah's home for a short bit exchanging a few traditional gifts as well. Rebekkah brought out a collection of old photos of her and I, and some I had never seen before! They were so hideous that I had to take them with me and scan so I will always be able to remember how stylish we were with our curled bangs and perms.

I think we are holding a framed photo of ourselves. Not sure why are aren't smiling. Maybe all of the helium from those balloons was rotting our brains.

She also had found a post card that I had written to her when I went to Brussels for the first time. I described many things that I saw, but did not give her the correct name of any of them! Quote: "The peeing boy is the most famous sculpture in Brussels." I really hope I did not call him the Manikin Pis because I couldn't spell it... not because I didn' t know his name!

Anywho, we left around 10:30pm and got to Fortuna around 1am. This was the first time I stayed awake for the reminder of the trip. I always feel bad having John drive the last leg, so I attempted to keep him entertained, although I was pretty exhausted myself.

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