Friday, January 19, 2007

Way Home

So this is the last Christmas post! I'm sure you are tried of our holiday adventures, so I will try to make this ones short!

On our way home from Fortuna, we stopped off in Ukiah to visit The Steinbucks. Well first we stopped off at Porter Street BBQ and grabbed some grub to go and then took it back to their house. We were really lucky that they were open... however they were out of chicken, and tried to serve us duck instead! JK!
Sydney got a SWEET jeep from Santa, and this was her first test drive! Was she having fun or what? We had a really nice visit with them and then we were on the road again.

Our next stop was in S.F. where we stopped to visit Corinne and Navy Morrison. It was our first time meeting Navy and boy was she a cutie! It was really great to see them and Corinne's home. It was really beautiful.I can't remember if we stopped at the GAP outlet in Gilroy or not, but I do know we stopped at BEV MO! We were to excited to see what beers/cider they had that we had sampled on our trip. They did have Strongbow, the cider I drank in every London pub! I was so excited! John also got a few Belgian beers, but I can't remember the names... like that is even important when they had Strongbow!!! We picked up some drinks for our New Year's party and then were on the road. I think we got home at like 10pm or some late hour. I think the total trip was about 12 hours. I didn't have to work the next day so I drove from Ukiah to SLO, but poor John had to get up at the butt crack the next day.

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Judy said...

That baby is so cute!!! (Navy) We need many more pix of Navy!